Francisco de Goya

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Spanish painter well known for his portraits and for his satires (1746-1828)

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At age 80, the artist Francisco de Goya created one of the world's first lithographs.
She won a Mercury Music Award for the 10th album of her career, citing the poetry of harold Pinter and TS eliot as influences, as well as the artwork of Salvador Dal and Francisco de Goya.
TELLING ALL: The front page of the Chronicle in November 1965 FAMOUS PAINTING: The by Francisco de Goya
In which country was painter Francisco de Goya born?
Harvey spent 18 months studying history books, poets and artists who have captured moments of war, including Francisco de Goya and Salvador Dali, before penning the album.
Al estudiar una seleccion de imagenes de Francisco de Goya donde el espejo ocupa un papel protagonista (y donde este no aparece como una mera herramienta del pintor), se percibe que para Goya el espejo es una metafora para comunicar una verdad oculta en la sociedad.
Influences: Punk rock, politics, surfing, baseball, popular culture, cartoons and comics, Gumby, the Bible, film noir, Herman Melville, Allen Ginsberg, The Scarlet Letter, Francisco de Goya, James McNeill Whistler, Charles Baudelaire, R.
An eclectic selection of influences who inform her work follows: La Roldana, Francisco De Goya, Eugene Delacroix, Alice Neel, Louise Bourgeois, Betye Saar, Bessie Harvey, Faith Ringgold, Joe Brainard, Liliana Porter, Christopher Pekoc, Janine Antoni, and Tom Friedman.
That, of course, would be Francisco de Goya, played rather drably here by Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard.
The world of Spanish painter Francisco de Goya was one of his sources of inspiration in Goyescas for piano (later transformed into an opera) and the Tonadillas (La Maja Dolorosa I, II and III).
Invisible Adversaries: Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland Invisible Adversaries counterposes new work by nine international artists with paintings by artists including John Constable, Francisco de Goya and JJ Grandville.
Art with Something to Say" (page 26) investigates how Francisco de Goya, Kathe Kollwitz and Keith Haring's work often expressed their feelings about what was going on around them.
FRANCISCO DE GOYA (1746-1828) is one of the most multifaceted artists of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Why is Francisco de Goya so difficult to write about?