Francisco Villa

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Mexican revolutionary leader (1877-1923)

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The idea of Custer going up against the Third Reich or Francisco Villa as Theodore Roosevelt's vice president will cause readers pause.
We have seen situations in which the owners send hired thugs to strongarm tenants out of their buildings," says Agustin Gonzalez of the social organization, Francisco Villa Popular Front.
He said these groups include Frente Popular Francisco Villa, Bloque de Organizaciones Sociales, and the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores.
989MM USD in cleanup projects at generating plans in Nachi Cocom in the State of Yucatan and at Francisco Villa in the State of Chihuahua in order to meet compliance requirements from PROFEPA, the environmental policy enforcement regulatory agency of Mexico's Secretary of the Environment (SEMARNAT).
The Courtyard Leon at The Poliforum is located at Boulevard Francisco Villa No 102, in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, and is convenient to the financial district and main factories in the region.