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a Roman Catholic friar wearing the grey habit of the Franciscan order

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Some think it nothing more than a hoax started by kids and embraced by Franciscan priests eager to challenge the authority of diocese and the bishop at that time.
He then moves to the productions Spanish conquerors used to convert as many of the indigenous people as possible to Catholicism, starting with those mounted by Franciscan priests and monks in the first quarter of the sixteenth century.
500 forward, and the cross at the top commemorates 21 Franciscan priests killed in the Pueblo revolt.
In 1896, Drexel bought 200 acres west of Window Rock and arranged for Franciscan priests to begin mission work out of a former trading post.
They were probably using one of the ancient scripts the early Franciscan priests had used in the teaching of Christianity.
Thus, labouring in the fields of the Lord, encouraging the natives to work because it was their Christian duty to do so, became the guiding principle of the conversion effort, and also secured the importance of the Franciscan priests in the overall colonial endeavour.
Another 8,500 pages of documents and files were obtained by plaintiffs in a settlement in 2006 with Franciscan priests and brothers in the Province of Santa Barbara.
FRANCISCAN priests are to put on public display the skull of one of its members who was martyred by Oliver Cromwell's army.
Inside the theater, Waldo will present an updated version of plays that originated in Europe in the Middle Ages, and which Franciscan priests brought to the New World with them at the time of the Spanish conquest of Mexico and California.
LOS ANGELES * More than 8,500 pages of material detailing claims of sexual abuse by a group of Franciscan priests and brothers in California were made public in late May.
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