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a Roman Catholic friar wearing the grey habit of the Franciscan order

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Mueller uses these sources to chronicle the political struggles and negotiations undertaken by Clare of Assisi and Agnes of Prague in the forty-one years between Clare's 1212 vow of obedience to Francis and the official papal approval, in 1253, of a Franciscan rule for women, the Rule of Saint Clare.
In the Franciscan convent of San Cosimato in Rome, this was probably because the Franciscan rule specified that election to office should occur in an atmosphere of common consensus, [14] but in the Dominican convent of San Sisto sull'Appia that cannot have been the reason.
They rise dauntingly above village and limestone plain, emphasizing the dominance of Franciscan rule that forced the Catholic catechism on descendants of the Maya, whose culture had flourished here from about A.
Concerning the ideal of absolute poverty as required by the Franciscan rule, the pope would first seek to know the will of God in prayer.
The well-known controversies between the rigorists and moderates within the order about how the Franciscan rule and life were to be lived generated slanted biographies of Francis that favored one or other side of the question.
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