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A recluse in her later years, honored for the visionary experiences emphasized in the Legenda produced by her Franciscan hagiographers, she was nonetheless perceived as a "public mystic," whose dramatic reliving of Christ's Passion was shared by the people of Cortona.
Born in 1736 in Victoria, Spain, Lasuen joined the Franciscan Order in 1751.
announced that the WARFARIN Study (Warfarin Adverse Event Reduction for Adults Receiving Genetic Testing at Therapy Initiation) was initiated at Franciscan Health System in Tacoma and other major hospital systems nationwide to assess the utility of genetic testing to determine a personalized warfarin dose for individual patients to reduce their risk of serious bleeding or clotting events.
We think he's the perfect choice to lead CHI Franciscan Health during this challenging new era of dramatic change in the U.
How much Franciscan teachings influenced the work of Dante has grown into a significant field of interest, with scholars seeking the mysterious and fascinating linkages between such as Saint Bernardino's image of the sun and Dante's ideas behind the Pentacostal gift.
He enters a conversation largely polarized between those scholars who support a positive view of the Franciscan missions, some advocating the canonization of Fray Junipero Serra, and those who support a negative view charging the Franciscan missionaries with insensitivity, cruelty, and in some cases genocide.
Two days earlier, a Franciscan friar was also blocked.
Bianchetti redesigned the traditional habit worn by a community of Franciscan friars of the Third Order Regular in Assisi.
Due to the presence of the tomb of Saint Anthony (died 1231), an early Franciscan saint, the Santo was (and still is) one of this order's most prestigious churches and a key destination for pilgrims, as well as one of the most important monuments in the city of Padua.
For two weeks, the gray-robed priest trudged in his dusty sandals, making slow headway with his entourage of two priests and five soldiers as they explored the lands between the Franciscan missions in San Buenaventura and San Gabriel.
Only a San Franciscan of a new generation can cheer the Giants' new berth in the World Series, which will begin Saturday in Anaheim, without a twinge of anxiety.
Both the Franciscan and the Dominican monasteries were damaged.
Lesnick, Preaching in Medieval Florence: the Social World of Franciscan and
You might have found a record of my birthday along with many other Franciscan documents stored beneath the famous Cathedral of Santa Croce in Florence--that is, if you had looked before 1967.
The Franciscan Friars launch a Social Media Fundraising Campaign to eliminate hunger.
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