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United States lawyer and poet who wrote a poem after witnessing the British attack on Baltimore during the War of 1812


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She would like to finish by September, which will be the 200th anniversary of this four-stanza poem, written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812.
Flags in the collection include a 1776 Grand Union flag, the first flag of the United States, a 1776 Gadsden flag with the iconic rattlesnake and declaration of “Don't Tread On Me,” a 1777 “stars and stripes” flag, and an 1814 flag, the original of which inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the poem that would later become the U.
It was here that Francis Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner after watching British forces being routed in 1814.
Enhanced for school and community libraries collections with full-color laminated covers, reinforced library bindings, color photography, a chronology, a bibliography for further reading, thematically appropriate web addresses, a glossary, and an index, the individual titles showcase the lives of Annie Oakley (1584154772), Daniel Boone (1584154756), Davy Crockett (1584154764), Ferdinand Magellan (1584154802), Francis Scott Key (1584154748), Henry Hudson (1584154799), Jacques Cartier (1584154810), Johnny Appleseed (1584154837), Robert Fulton (1584154780), and Sam Houston (1584154829).
And, politics aside, not everyone loves "The Star-Spangled Banner," as the music is now generally known from its lyrics by Francis Scott Key.
This star-shaped fort is the birthplace of the "Star Spangled Banner," where in September 1814, 35-year-old poet-lawyer Francis Scott Key, a prisoner aboard a boat moored in the harbor, was inspired to write a poem that became our national anthem.
The splendid article by Jodie Gilmore ("The Star-Spangled Banner," March 8, 2004 issue) left out a most important fact in the life of Francis Scott Key.
Sarbanes' website, "the trail commemorates some of the most important events of the War of 1812 including the battle at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, which inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem.
The other properties sold were outparcels adjacent to the Company's Magnolia and Francis Scott Key Malls.
14, 1814, Francis Scott Key was inspired to write a poem, ''Defence of Fort McHenry,'' after witnessing how an American flag flying over the Maryland fort withstood a night of British bombardment during the War of 1812; the poem later became the words to ''The Star-Spangled Banner.
Take I-55 to the Weber Road exit and head north to Rodeo Drive; proceed east to Essington Road; travel south to Francis Scott Key Boulevard; then head east (turn left) to the sales center.
It is the birthplace of the "Star Spangled Banner," where in September 1814, 35-year-old Francis Scott Key, a prisoner aboard a boat moored in the harbor, saw the American flag above the fort still flying following a night of fighting between American and British troops and wrote a poem to describe its enduring vision.
They were written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812 in an outburst of joy as their author, who was detained on a British ship that was laying siege to Fort McHenry, caught sight of our nation's flag waving in defiant triumph.
Francis Scott Key was writing about the subjects and mercenaries of what he saw as an aggressive tyrant king bent on our destruction.
PHILADELPHIA -- Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (NYSE: PEI) announced today that it has completed three non-recourse mortgage loans with total proceeds of $173 million that are secured separately by Exton Square, Francis Scott Key and Viewmont Malls.