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American Revolutionary leader and patriot


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According to Twain, he got a "good lashing in the Swedish press" when Gripenburg published an account of her encounter with Clemens in a Swedish newspaper and erroneously attributed the story to him instead of Francis Hopkinson Smith: "for it was shown that Boccaccio had told that very story, in his curt and meager fashion, five hundred years before Smith took hold of it and made a good and tellable thing out of it" (1894, 446).
Twain's response first made clear that he was not himself guilty of plagiarism because his story was borrowed, not stolen; "he got it from Hopkinson Smith," referring to Francis Hopkinson Smith, the well known artist, writer, and engineer, best known today for designing the foundation for the Statue of Liberty.
Led by Francis Hopkinson, a young Congressman from New Jersey, the committee fashioned a gorgeous and meaningful flag.
Francis Hopkinson (1737-1791): known as "The Father of the Stars and Stripes" for designing the first American flag.
As might be expected, English composers dominate the list, but two Americans, Francis Hopkinson and James Lyon, also appear there.
It traces this construction through two eighteenth-century trails (the trials of John Peter Zenger, 1735, and of Eleazer Oswald, 1783) and examines juries as they have been regarded in the literary efforts of two early American judges--a poem by Francis Hopkinson.
Supplementary views of the jury are provided through newspaper commentary on both cases and through a long poem titled "Adrian's Assertion" by Francis Hopkinson, signatory to the declaration of Independence and at the time he wrote the poem a Federal District Court Judge, and through the novel Modern Chivalry and the legal handbook Law's Miscellanies, by Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Hugh Henry Brackenridge.
Before the press war was over, two more parties entered the fray: a second sitting justice in the case, Justice Bryan, who joined in the exchange under the pseudonym "Adrian"; (11) and Francis Hopkinson, McKean's alienated brother-in-law and at that time a Pennsylvania admiralty judge, who countered the two sitting justices under the pen name "One of the People.
Channel 4 drama boss Francis Hopkinson tells us: "This fourth series will introduce several new characters and storylines will be broadened to include more of life on the estate.
Francis Hopkinson, Channel 4's senior commissioning editor for drama, said the Princess Margaret biopic was based on interviews as well as research from existing sources.
In the 1920s and 1930s the celebration of four anniversaries--the centennial of the birth of Stephen Foster (1826-1864), the bicentennials of the births of George Washington (1732-1799) and Francis Hopkinson (1737-1791), and the sesquicentennial of the founding of the United States--increased interest in related antiquarian artifacts, and brought the musical contributions of two Pennsylvania composers to the attention of a general audience.
6) Among the items the society collected was a group of manuscripts by Francis Hopkinson, signer of the Declaration of Independence, designer of the American flag, poet, satirist, inventor, and one of America's first composers.
9% nationally) to who designed the original American flag (nearly 50% in Dallas were correct with Francis Hopkinson, while only 15% nationally knew.
C4 drama boss Francis Hopkinson says: "If society is becoming more consumerist, then Cheshire is the glitzy heartland of that new wealth.
Francis Hopkinson, Channel 4 drama chief, said it was based on interviews and research.