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English explorer and admiral who was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe and who helped to defeat the Spanish Armada (1540-1596)

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Dawson Design Associates, an integrated-design firm that specializes in hospitality work, was commissioned to give Sir Francis Drake an upgrade, with the goal of recapturing the drama and romance of the guest rooms, and refreshing the public spaces in a playful and engaging manner.
Explorers have found two ships at the bottom on the ocean that sailed in the fleet of the legendary sailor Sir Francis Drake more than 400 years ago.
A son of Classic-winning mare Cape Verdi, Sir Francis Drake failed to make it to the track at two but is sure to attract support here.
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, a US-based real estate investment trust, has acquired the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco, California, US, from a partnership led by The Chartres Lodging Group LLC.
Sir Francis Drake set off around the world in 1577 in the Pelican, but changed its name to what?
While readers gain a detailed knowledge of the Jamestown situation and Captain John Smith himself, the majority of the book actually focuses on Sir Francis Drake.
Newcastle Airport's head of airline relations and development Chris Sanders greeted a look-a-like of Plymouth's most famous historical figure Sir Francis Drake who had flown up to mark the occasion, alongside Air Southwest deputy chief executive Mike Coombes.
MANKA'S INVERNESS LODGE: On Argyle Street, just west of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard near the town of Inverness.
Emmet, cousin to Captain Francis Drake, experiences adventures on the high seas serving on Drake's ship, the Pelican.
And last month, in a joint venture between Oxford Lodging Advisory & Investment Group, LLC, of San Francisco, and DIG affiliate, Longwing Real Estate Ventures purchased the famed Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco with plans to spend $20 million on renovations to keep the hotel running.
Sir Francis Drake - the Complete Series has all 26 episodes from this classic '60s swashbuckling saga on a 3-disc set.
Other wills that can be found on the web site include those of Sir Francis Drake, Sir Christopher Wren and Jane Austen.
The fortress came under repealed attacks from legendary pirates Sir Francis Drake and Henry Morgan, prompting the Spanish government to seek safer sea routes in the late 17th century.
Sir Francis Drake is the most famous navigator of the first Elizabethan age, especially for his audacious spirit in harrowing the Spanish fleets laden with South American gold and for being the first man to sail round the world.