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United States filmmaker (born in 1939)


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Francis Coppola, director of such films as "Apocalypse Now" and "The Godfather," was looking to buy a summer home and make a little wine like his grandparents did.
Brazilian beauty Luciana Morad has also been lusted after by a string of stars including film director Francis Coppola, actor Jean Claude Van Damme and boxer Mike Tyson.
You will also find a broad selection of wine in their baskets including Duckhorn Vineyards, Francis Coppola Diamond Collection, Sterling Vintner's Collection and Ferrari-Carano.
Tavoularis, who worked with Francis Coppola on thirteen films and can take credit for introducing Coppola to Marlon Brando, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Art Director's Guild in 2007.
Early in my career, I worked with Francis Coppola, and he hardly said anything to me.
And in the end, a bitterly divided Cannes jury (led by Francis Coppola and including Atom Egoyan) recognized the impact of Crash by inventing a prize for it--one that praised its "daring, audacity and innovation.
Paul is pressed into the director's chair after Andrzej's replacement, a brash American whiz kid who seems loosely modeled after Francis Coppola (played by Roman's cousin--and Francis's nephew--Jason Schwartzman), breaks his leg.
It is the kind of innovative movie we've come to appreciate from new successful independent filmmakers while at the same time possessing a mastery of story, sound, and visuals that you can only get from a Francis Coppola movie.
Napa Valley, California, Francis Coppola Syrah, Sofia Rose, Grenache Blend
Like Francis Coppola and others who learnt their craft grinding out genre pictures for Roger Corman, Cowan went low--rent on an item he and his partners designated a "tits and terror film.
Sophisticated palates will be pleased to find Francis Coppola Claret (the 2002 Diamond Claret that boasts enticing aromas of dark chocolate, anise and sweet spices); Bonny Doon Pacific Rim Riesling (a stylish wine with forward fruit flavors and a dry finish); and Roederer Estate Brut (an aromatic bouquet emitting brown sugar, toasted grains and honey laced malt), among others.
9PM The grandaddy of Mafia movies, with Marlon Brando's sly Oscarwinning performance as Don Vito Corleone - after Francis Coppola managed to convince the studio Brando was right for the role.
The BBC Scotland team got unparalleled access to Star Wars creator George Lucas following him as he drives around San Francisco and lunches with Francis Coppola, director of The Godfather.
Film director Francis Coppola has won a further pounds 36 million in damages from Warner Brothers over the ill-fated Pinocchio project.
The nephew of ``Godfather'' auteur Francis Coppola, Cage seems to be following the path of several cousins toward the director's chair.