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Synonyms for franchise

Synonyms for franchise

an authorization to sell a company's goods or services in a particular place

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a business established or operated under an authorization to sell or distribute a company's goods or services in a particular area

a statutory right or privilege granted to a person or group by a government (especially the rights of citizenship and the right to vote)

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We can appoint self-franchises and receive royalties pursuant to our franchise agreement," says Allen.
Banyan CEO, Michael Gelmon, stated, "With the signing of this Area Development and Franchise Agreement with Dr.
Franchisees are permitted to transfer their franchise agreement only after receiving prior written approval from the franchisor.
The decision to solicit bids for the trash franchise agreement ended a year of controversy that left the council divided and the community polarized.
Worse, some franchise agreements allow termination only if initiated by the franchisor--meaning a franchisee could be stuck with a business regardless of whether he or she wants it.
and Atlas/Consolidated Disposal Service, are expected to be among the companies bidding for the contracts, which will take effect in 2006, after the current franchise agreement expires.
As stated in the Presidential Decree that modified Article 142, a disclosure document meeting the requirements of Mexican law must be given to a potential franchisee no less than 30 days, which, by virtue of other provisions in previously existing law, becomes 30 business days, prior to the signature of a franchise agreement.
RCN views the Lehigh Valley area as an important region for our expansion; we're also nearing completion of a franchise agreement with Macungie that will further increase our Lehigh Valley reach.
specific requirements that any franchise agreement must contain, which relate to: the geographical zone and location of the franchise, which does not mean that franchisors should be obliged to grant exclusive territories or areas;
It is intended that all existing franchisees will be required to upgrade their franchise agreement in order to participate in the Bio-Extractor program.
In many franchise agreements, when the franchisee is in financial difficulty, falling behind in its payments to the franchisor, the franchisor's primary and most usual remedy is giving notice of default, and if the default is not cured, following up with notice of termination of the franchise agreement.
The business has changed and we have to change with it and I think that this franchise agreement is the best way for us to control that change.
at least 30 days prior to signing a franchise agreement, the franchisor must deliver a complete copy of the franchise agreement to the prospective franchisee, along with certain presale disclosures;
SAG board members emerged from a marathon meeting late Monday night after 12 hours of debate and announced that by a 57 to 44 vote, the board had agreed to recommend the proposed three-year franchise agreement to SAG members.