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white grape grown especially in California and the lower Loire valley of France

made in California and the Loire valley in France

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The Rule of Law project has already reduced the backlog of cases, helped ensure that even the poorest have access to justice, and rebuilt some of the trust in legal institutions which was sorely lacking, said Franche.
La mise en place d'une plateforme portuaire aux standards internationaux, l'amenagement de zones franches logistiques, commerciales et industrielles de renommee mondiale et la realisation d'infrastructures modernes attestent d'une determination royale puissante, dans la continuite d'une decennie d'intensifs projets destines a relancer economiquement l'axe Tanger-Tetouan et a lui conferer un positionnement visible dans la Mediterranee, articule aux echanges et aux metiers mondiaux.
Dans ce sens, il a rappele la recente signature d'un accord de cooperation entre le CZFB et la Zone franche de Tanger (TFZ) visant a faire de Barcelone et de Tanger des "portes logistiques d'acces" a l'Europe et au continent africain.
Investissements injectes sous formes d'elargissements des usines installees a la zone franche de Cite Nasr.
The victim chased them along Franche Road to Sebright Road, Wolverley, where they disappeared.
A cette occasion, la ministre espagnole a tenu a feliciter les responsables de la Zone Franche de Tanger pour avoir remporte ce trophee, faisant remarquer que ce prix constitue une reconnaissance du "travail remarquable accompli " par cette Zone.
Youngsters at Franche Community Primary, in Kidderminster, have ditched their usual fizzy pop for juices.
I like France and I like the French so when I had the opportunity recently to spend a long week-end in the Franche Comte region I jumped at the chance.
A TEENAGE boy has been slapped with an anti-social behaviour order after Kidderminster Youth Court heard how he had terrorised residents on the Franche estate.
Youngsters at Franche Community First School in Kidderminster had their chance to try a pancake during an assembly.
The Section 30 order, which came into force yesterday, will now run until April 6 to target youths who cause anti-social behaviour on Marlpool and parts of Franche.
The caravan was on the car park of Franche Evangelical Church in Chestnut Grove, Kidderminster when the youths struck stealing electrical equipment including a laptop computer and a power point projector.
Pam Dunstone joins the team at Franche Children's Centre, in Chestnut Grove, where she will oversee courses for parents and children.
Franche Community First School was invited to meet the delegates who were in town as part of a study visit.