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United States early feminist (born in Scotland) (1795-1852)

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When it was revealed that the women did not appear on the new banknotes, Calgary city council criticized the removal of the Alberta pioneers, as did Frances Wright, founder of the Famous 5 Foundation.
Audiences showered orators Frances Wright and Lucy Stone with epithets; the 1893 Chicago World's Fair included a Woman's Building, where the busts that became the Portrait Monument were initially displayed, but it was built far from the fair's central buildings; Amelia Schauer, a telephone operator (one of thousands who were hired toward the end of the nineteenth century), was arrested under suspicion of being a prostitute, simply for walking in a public place one night.
Another British visitor Frances Wright, who visited the U.
Senior midwife Frances Wright, 52, from Stranraer, who saw five stillbirths in a day in Malawi, said: 'It's amazing how quickly you accept that that's how it is because the alternatives are worse.
We told how the cops initially feared Topen, 33, would track down Shropshire prostitute Frances Wright, who had been the star prosecution witness at his trial.
Soon she meets Frances Wright, a social reformer and firebrand, who captivates her heart and persuades her to visit America.
It is, after all, presented as a lost manuscript of Frances Trollope's final work, specifically as an unfinished biography of her sometime companion Frances Wright.
Anthony, and Margaret Fuller in the United States; Barbara Bodichon, Frances Wright and Harriett Martineau in the British Isles; and Swedish Fredrika Bremer and Finnish Alexandra Gripenberg on the Continent.
Section Two provides a useful survey of various nineteenth-century communal experiments such as New Harmony, Fruitlands, Hopedale and Oneida, including representative selections from the writings of Robert Owen, Frances Wright, Bronson Alcott, Charles Lane, Joseph Smith, Adin Ballou, and John Humphrey Noyes.
Rather than beginning with feminism's first meeting, the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848, she wisely looks to the movement's roots in the Enlightenment, the Revolutionary War, and the publication in 1828 of the Free Enquirer, a newspaper edited by Frances Wright and Robert Dale Owen.
When she was a year and a half short of fifty, on November 4, 1827, Frances Trollope left her increasingly ill-tempered husband in England and traveled to America with three of her children, her maid, a farmer and two friends, the "radical" Frances Wright and the French artist Auguste Hervieu.
Jean Matthews begins her new synthesis of women's agitation for rights where the History of Woman Suffrage began, with Frances Wright, but it is the argument of her survey that the movement retained its antebellum vision through Reconstruction, until a cultural and legal backlash narrowed its aims.
Mott encouraged Stanton to read the writings of Mary Wollstonecraft, Thomas Paine, Robert Own the Elder, Frances Wright, and Angelina and Sarah Grimke--all of whom became seminal influences in the development of Stanton's philosophy.
Frances Wright, a well-known reformer and lecturer of the period, arrived from Scotland.
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