carpenter's square

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a steel square used by carpenters

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The Laser Framing Square works in conjunction with the LaserChalkLine product family for quick and easy layout of any framing project requiring a 90-degree angle and reference line.
You will need hammers, framing square, try square, 2-foot and 6-foot levels, a 25-foot and a 50-foot measuring tape.
Circular saw, electric drill, tin snips, tape measure, hammer, framing square, post-hole digger, shovel, and level.
Pencil, circular saw, electric drill with drill and Phillips-head bits, hammer, wrench, tape measure, protractor, carpenter square, framing square, level, and masking tape.
TOOLS: Tape measure, pencil, circular saw, combination square, framing square, electric drill
Using deck screws, assemble each module, checking squareness with a framing square.
Butt their ends against a framing square, then draw two lines across the assembled boards, each line 2 inches in from one end (these lines will help you position the boards on the frame).
Tape measure Combination square Framing square Handsaw Circular or table saw Electric drill 3/8-inch countersinking bit 3/8-inch plug cutter Chisel Wire brush Dust mask Paintbrush Notched trowel for mortar Rubber mallet Hammer
To build this bird feeder, you'll need a circular saw for straight cuts and a saber saw for cutting curves, an electric drill and sander for finish work, a pair of bar clamps for gluing, a hammer, a tape measure, and a metal yardstick or framing square.