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Synonyms for frame

Synonyms for frame

Synonyms for frame

the framework for a pair of eyeglasses

a single one of a series of still transparent pictures forming a cinema, television or video film

(baseball) one of nine divisions of play during which each team has a turn at bat

a single drawing in a comic_strip

an application that divides the user's display into two or more windows that can be scrolled independently

a system of assumptions and standards that sanction behavior and give it meaning

the hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal

the internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape

a framework that supports and protects a picture or a mirror


Related Words

one of the ten divisions into which bowling is divided

enclose in or as if in a frame

enclose in a frame, as of a picture

take or catch as if in a snare or trap

formulate in a particular style or language

make up plans or basic details for

Related Words

construct by fitting or uniting parts together

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About one-third of Omega's cabinet sales are frameless; its Kitchen Graft division in Canada manufactures all frameless cabinetry, while its Omega Cabinets and HomeCrest Cabinetry divisions use face-frame construction.
LSX frameless modules provide shelter from the elements and renewable energy at the same time
LSX Frameless modules produced by Celestica will be available starting in Q1 2014.
The new 1500V frameless 255W (STP255-20/Wdj) and 250W (STP250-20/Wdj) modules will be available for installation beginning in the first quarter of 2014.
In the United States, the Thomasville line will no longer include frameless cabinets, although it will in Canada.
MAAX's frameless design includes the following features: drip seals to prevent water spillage when the door is opened; discreet fixed arms that hold panels to the wall and double as a towel rack; and full-length magnetic grips for light-touch opening and closing.
HaroMax frameless brushless resolvers feature tooth-wound construction.
Director of Radiation Oncology at the Henry Ford Health System, comments on the evolution of cancer treatment to frameless radiosurgery:
MUNICH, July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- While four in 10 clinicians use frameless radiosurgery exclusively to treat cranial indications, user data collected at the 5th International Conference of the Novalis Circle, held last month in Munich, Germany, shows that there are still significant opportunities to increase utilization of the effective treatment approach.
Bathrooms are lined with stone, with lavatories and showers in separate enclosures contained by frameless glass doors and lined by a wall of flame coloured glass.
It has expanded in the past year to include solid surface fabrication and frameless cabinets in its operation.
Most units will be equipped with powder rooms and master bathrooms will feature a Tara Jacuzzi whirlpool bath, imported marble flooring, marble vanity tops or pedestal sinks, frameless glass shower enclosures and custom fixtures.
The new DuPont(TM) Wiper Blades include traditional frame and advanced frameless designs that are making their to-the-trade debut November 4-6, 2008 at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX Booth #4038) in Las Vegas.
Though his work is invariably modestly scaled (houses, studios, offices), it poetically synthesizes an utter rationality of form (that recalls the minimalist sculptures of Judd and Serra), luscious Hispanic colour (Tucson is steeped in Mexican culture), together with a craft-based approach to building and an astute delight in the potential of materials (massive concrete, oxidized steel, taut skins of frameless glass).