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the common European raspberry

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Frambozen is derived from the Flemish word for raspberries and inspired by the Framboise beers of Belgium, where the use of raspberries in beer predates the use of traditional hops.
I'll forever regret missing out on a vegetarian option, stuffed fennel braised in Grolsch with saffron sultana couscous, but I'm honoured to have tasted Liefmans Frambozen (strawberry beer) with a roast squab (young pigeon), chocolate bonbon and beetroot cannelloni main course served with Heston Blumenthal-inspired virtuosity.
The richness screams for a quality dry fruit beer, in this case a Liefmans' Frambozen (raspberry) beer from Belgium, with intense raspberry character complementing the cream.
New Belgium - Frambozen Raspberry Brown Ale, fruited brown ale (US).
There is Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale, Redhook's Winter Hook, Pyramid's Snow Cap Ale, Widmer Brothers' Wintemacht, Full Sail's Wassail Winter Ale, Portland Brewing's Icicle Creek Winter Ale, New Belgium's Frambozen, Deschutes' Jubelale, Shipyard's Prelude Ale & Longfellow Winter Ale and Rockies Brewing's Boulder Igloo Ale.
We have Liefmans Frambozen (raspberry beer) with tarte fondante au chocolat Caraibe, then Xavier offers the aromatic, three-grain, Belgian Tripel Karmeliet with cheese.
He says: "It may sound sexist, but blokes will try anything ( women will home in on the Kriek and Frambozen (raspberry).
Then came the roasted squab (a young, unfledged bird, usually a pigeon) with chocolate bonbon and beetroot cannelloni, attended by Liefmans Frambozen (4.