hand grenade

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a grenade designed to be thrown by hand

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Gangster Cregan fired 32 bullets at Fiona and Nicola from his Glock handgun last September before throwing his "trademark" fragmentation grenade at the dying pair to finish them off.
Players can mobilize the entire A-Team or use each team member's unique abilities to ambush enemies, attacking them head-on with hand-to-hand combat, automatic weapons, fragmentation grenades and helicopter-launched missiles.
The police reinforcements that arrived 15 minutes later found that the drug traffickers had made a hasty escape, leaving behind 563 fragmentation grenades, 32 hand grenades, eight Kairmond bombs, 11 M-60 machine guns, and more than 5,000 munitions, as well as military-style uniforms, boots, and bullet-proof vests.
75-inch rocket, one rocket-propelled grenade round, two 120 mm high-explosive mortar rounds, 12 60 mm high-explosive mortar rounds, two 81 mm high-explosive mortar rounds, two homemade bombs, 35 non-electric detonators, five 60 mm mortar fuses, three electric detonators, one stick of C4, two fragmentation grenades, three AK-47 barrels, two machine gun barrels and 10 copper explosively formed penetrators," according to the statement.
The state prosecutor's office identified the explosives as fragmentation grenades, which are illegal in Mexico.
Flush out enemies with smoke grenades or take them out with fragmentation grenades.
Once in place, it fires a rocket from a 25-meter standoff position, sending a line charge with fragmentation grenades over the minefields or wire obstacles.
FCLAS has a sensor and a shim-range grenade launcher, loaded with special fragmentation grenades with delay fuses set to intercept the incoming threat at a range of about 5 meters.
One technique is to throw smoke first, then fragmentation grenades, so the smoke will have time to build a screen.
Units are authorized to use meals, ready to eat (MRE) bag grenades as simulators in place of M84 stun grenades and M67 and M69 fragmentation grenades.
Macanas said troops recovered seven automatic rifles, rifle grenades and fragmentation grenades left behind by the fleeing rebels.