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a grenade designed to be thrown by hand

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WITH two officers already gunned down in cold blood, evil Dale Cregan planned to carry on his murderous mission using a stash of hidden fragmentation grenades.
During the operation Ilhom and one other armed insurgent engaged the security force with fragmentation grenades.
A statement from the alliance said Ilham and one other armed insurgent engaged the security force with fragmentation grenades during the operation.
The Vietnam War marked the high-water mark of fragging incidents (using fragmentation grenades to kill officers and other soldiers) in the US military, according to this work, which examines the causes for fragging during the war.
military's inventory are lethal grenades, such as fragmentation grenades, and non-lethal grenades such as the M84 stun grenade.
75-inch rocket, one rocket-propelled grenade round, two 120 mm high-explosive mortar rounds, 12 60 mm high-explosive mortar rounds, two 81 mm high-explosive mortar rounds, two homemade bombs, 35 non-electric detonators, five 60 mm mortar fuses, three electric detonators, one stick of C4, two fragmentation grenades, three AK-47 barrels, two machine gun barrels and 10 copper explosively formed penetrators," according to the statement.
The state prosecutor's office identified the explosives as fragmentation grenades, which are illegal in Mexico.
Once in place, it fires a rocket from a 25-meter standoff position, sending a line charge with fragmentation grenades over the minefields or wire obstacles.
Units are authorized to use meals, ready to eat (MRE) bag grenades as simulators in place of M84 stun grenades and M67 and M69 fragmentation grenades.
Macanas said troops recovered seven automatic rifles, rifle grenades and fragmentation grenades left behind by the fleeing rebels.
According to the programme, the firm was advertising the E190 fragmentation grenades, activated by a trip wire, at a Ministry of Defencesponsored arms fair in London's Docklands.
His military career was marred by a court-martial for unlawfully discharging flares and fragmentation grenades in a South Vietnamese village.
45 caliber pistol, two fragmentation grenades, military uniforms, combat boots, inverted Philippine flags, American flags and other items, inside the compound.
Only one of the two fragmentation grenades went off while the other was safely defused by responding police bomb experts.