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Rancillac & Nourisseau (1989) verificaram, no genero Fragaria, que subcultivar ilimitadamente durante a fase de micropropagacao pode propiciar crescimento desordenado das plantas no campo, como a ausencia ou fragilidade de raizes, excessiva formacao de flores, tamanho pequeno e/ ou frutos deformados, e plantas heterogeneas.
Interactions of photoperiod, temperature, duration of short-day treatment and plant age on flowering of Fragaria x ananassa Duch.
LatinName=Fragaria+x+ananassa) Fragaria ananassa , sometimes known as the "garden strawberry".
TDZ, auxin and genotype effects on leaf organogenesis in Fragaria.
O morangueiro e uma planta herbacea e perene, pertencente a familia das Rosaceas, genero Fragaria.
In strawberries (Fragaria chiloensis and Fragaria x ananassa), although the amount of xylans has not been determined directly on the cell wall, it has been noted a high connection of xylose: glucose in the hemi-cellulosic fraction (Huber 1984, Koh & Melton 2002), suggesting the presence of polymers containing Xylose.
Although those two green snacks are perceived as most characteristic 'wild edible plants', the rest of the taxa presented at the top of the list are the so-called berries (marjad), all fruits growing in the forest (except Fragaria vesca that, in addition to forest, grows also on the edges of forest, meadows and wooden meadows); Vaccinium oxycoccos, grows in bogs and swamps, which can, on the popular level, be also considered as 'forest' if there is not explicit need for specification.
The Latin name for the famous every- day strawberry is Fragaria Ananassa.
Results on the localization of Pb in the tissues of the roots of the Fragaria viridis, Filipendula ulmaria, and Artemisia pontica are shown in Table 4.
Q: Recently I encountered a climbing strawberry called Fragaria ananassa 'Fort Laramie'.