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(mathematics) a geometric pattern that is repeated at every scale and so cannot be represented by classical geometry

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Fragmentation and fractal design enable a learner to explore just the part of knowledge needed in a coherent way.
You can learn more about IFS codes and the pictures they generate by referring to Barnsley's Desktop Fractal Design System, a program for PC-compatible computers, published by Academic Press.
Celebrating its 7th year of production, Fractal Antenna Systems' UACM antenna saw record sales in 2011, signaling that the 'universal access' of the antenna's wideband fractal design has made it a classic solution in DAS and indoor/outdoor wireless antenna needs.
MetaCreations, based in Carpinteria, California, is the 3D visualization software company that resulted from the merger in May 1997 of MetaTools Inc and Fractal Design Corp (CI No 3,172).
The video conclusively shows that invisibility science has taken a huge leap with fractal design.
Jeremy Sutton is the author of several Painter books and videos including Fractal Design Painter Creative Techniques, an associate editor for EFX Art & Design magazine, host of the Painter World Wide User Group, and a former faculty member of the Academy of Art College, San Francisco State University, Center for Electronic Art, and Expression Center for New Media.
Early FEA progress was driven by trial and error, as 'traditional' antenna design approaches had to be extended to meet the challenge of the nearly infinite fractal design space.