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mounted hunters follow hounds in pursuit of a fox


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Brian May joins anti-| foxhunting protesters outside the Houses Of Parliament
Among the members of the foxhunting club were wealthy businessman Neville Washington OBE, former Tory councillor Rose-Ann Cuninghame and John Briggs, who owns Kilhenzie Castle, near Maybole, Ayrshire.
Even these barbarians realised that foxhunting is a cruel and senseless "sport" and utterly degrades the par-r ticipants.
2001 - A ban on foxhunting with hounds in England and Wales passed through the House of Commons.
A PLAN to save the lives of 25,000 hounds has cleared the way to ban foxhunting by the end of the year.
Mr Murphy believes that he may have been targeted as an attempt to slur the Government over its stance on foxhunting.
Please do not let any frenzy about this give fox-hunters ammunition to force a government debate on bringing back foxhunting with dogs.
SMARTLY-DRESSED hunters turned out in force this weekend for the start of the foxhunting season.
When so-called animal-lovers object to foxhunting but are able to eat cheap chicken with a clear conscience, I call them hypocrites.
That is why commercial game shooting is so cruel, and why this government having rightly banned foxhunting must crackdown on this equally barbaric sport.
RTE wildlife show host Derek Mooney has been blasted for not highlighting the evils of foxhunting - by a reformed hunter.
The complete list of new icons is: fish and chips, rugby, Robin Hood, the Tower of London, the Magna Carta, hedges, the bobby, foxhunting and the ban, the pint, the White Cliffs of Dover, The Archers, Monty Python, Sherlock Holmes, the Lake District, the parish church, the OED, the bowler hat, the Mini motor car, the oak tree.
If the police can't cope with foxhunting, no wonder crime is out of control and killers and rapists cock a snook.
The Princess put the estate on the market after vowing to quit Britain because it was too boring now foxhunting is banned
BRITAIN'S point-to-point season begins today at Cottenham, with the cloud of an imminent ban on foxhunting hanging over the sport, writes Andrew Scutts.