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a small dugout with a pit for individual shelter against enemy fire


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A week ago in this space, I wondered in print if a windstorm is to tree huggers what a foxhole is to atheists.
Surely it is only when we believe our nothing is worth something that we bother to clamber out of the foxhole and man the word-processor to defend it.
To date, over 4 million smart cards have been issued to DOD personnel, from Pentagon Generals down to our troops in desert foxholes.
Urban still remembers the day when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and he still remembers the time he spent in foxholes on Pacific Ocean islands, including Guadalcanal and Vella Lavella in the Solomon Islands.
Don't worry, rabbit-holes don't challenge our faith like foxholes," I replied, mysteriously
I BET there was some whooping and hollering and celebrating in the foxholes of Iraq and Afghanistan yesterday when our soldiers heard the "wonderful news" that they have their council tax rebates to come home to
Boundaries from Boldon Foxholes to Hartlepool Cannons.
In the Antelope Valley, we had social workers testify about emancipated foster kids who were digging foxholes in the fields to sleep at night because they had absolutely no shelter,'' Flaming said.
Filled with dreams of glory, the boys instead soon come to understand what war is truly like: endless marching, nights shivering in cold foxholes, seeing friends die horribly.
See Mister Thorne's article "Athiests in Foxholes, Christians in Uniform," page nineteen, for the just war principles.
And 20 years after, on the other side of the globe, again the filth of murky foxholes, the stench of ghostly trenches, the slime of dripping dugouts, those boiling suns of relentless heat, those torrential rains of devastating storms, the loneliness and utter desolation of jungle trails, the bitterness of long separation from those they loved and cherished, the deadly pestilence of tropical disease, the honor of stricken areas of war.
Fire crews were called to houses in Redditch at about 10pm and found one house, in Foxholes Lane, had been evacuated when the lightning sparked a fire in the roof.
That meant camping out in hastily dug foxholes or staying awake on guard duty until dawn.
Our armed forces are no longer soldiers in foxholes and sailors aboard gunboats, but a high-tech military staffed by men and women skilled in state-of-the-art technology, leadership and teamwork," Daywalt said.
A six-mile Foxholes, Horsleyhope and Bluebells walk will be led by Ray Thompson at 10.