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Seeing us perform Foxbase Alpha in Moseley might not be as good as seeing The Queen Is Dead played by The Smiths," he adds.
Seeing us perform Foxbase Alpha might not be as good as seeing The Queen Is Dead played by The Smiths, but hopefully it will be an event in the same way.
The market was saturated with products such as DBASE, Revelation, KnowledgeMan, Probase, R:BASE, Paradox, Foxbase, Clipper, DBMan, Informix-SQL, Progress, dBrief Quicksilver/dBXL, Emerald Bay, Gupta, Clarion, Framework, DataPerfect, DataEase, Smart and FileMaker to name but a few.
Data was entered in computer in FoxBASE and analyzed using the statistical package SPSS/PCT version 6.
It also lets you open spreadsheets (Claris-Works, Excel, Works, Quattro Pro, and their Mac versions), Databases (dBase, Works MAC FoxBASE and Fox Pro), Graphics (gif, tiff, jpeg, eps, and pict).
Also, this database program can be written in other database languages such as Paradox (Borland) and Foxbase (Fox Software, Perrysburg, Ohio).
The commercial failure of the dBase programs, and later attempts in Clipper, have led to the current focus on Foxbase as a preferred development platform.