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mounted hunters follow hounds in pursuit of a fox


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A poll conducted by the League Against Cruel Sports shows that, of 360 prospective Labour candidates interviewed, just one said they would get rid of the ban against fox-hunting with dogs, and that was Kate Hoey, which isn't surprising as she's the leader of the Countryside Alliance.
I cannot help but ponder how vital the question of fox-hunting is considering the terrible state we have been led into by our leaders.
But yesterday she said she would have no other cause to pursue, now that fox-hunting is to be banned.
A BAN on fox-hunting is to be pushed through Parliament in spite of being dropped from last week's Queen's Speech.
MPs were warned last night that trying to force a total ban on fox-hunting may allow the bloodsport to continue unchecked.
A FOX-HUNTING ban could lead to a constitutional crisis between Parliament, the Lords and the courts, a former top judge warned last night.
The council said it is happy Nutini clarified his stance on the issue and agrees with the majority of Irish people who are opposed to fox-hunting.
As an anti-hunt campaigner, I feel I must warn people about voting for those intent on repealing the ban on fox-hunting.
THE Princess Royal went fox-hunting yesterday - four weeks before the ban on hunting comes into effect.
I would like to respond to the recent letter from C Roberts of Marshfield (Echo), regarding fox-hunting and the availability of other riding sports.
The Tory leader in the Lords, Lord Strathclyde, last week urged peers to back licensed fox-hunting and reach a "sensible compromise".
FOX-hunting dominated Parliament at a time when our people wanted to see us tackling things that directly affected them.
The Countryside Association published a survey yesterday which claimed just 2pc of its 1,000 respondents felt banning fox-hunting should be a Government priority.
There are those who oppose certain aspects, such as fox-hunting and hare-coursing.
REBEL MPs will vote to ban fox-hunting tomorrow - despite a last-minute compromise by Tony Blair.