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mounted hunters follow hounds in pursuit of a fox


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The League Against Cruel Sports has launched a special unit to prosecute fox-hunters who it claims "believe they are a law unto themselves".
I can assure Mr Roberts that many post-war fox-hunters suffered hardship in the Japanese and German prisoner of war camps.
FOX-hunters argue that their barbaric pastime is essential to keep fox numbers down.
But we know that the Isle of Wight fox-hunters have not only been breeding foxes, but that their former terrier-man dug them out and kept them for hunting.
FOX-hunters believe they can ride roughshod over the will of the people.
ATHERSTONE'S cobble-stoned market square can be used by fox-hunters for a New Year's Day meet, borough councillors have decided.
To advertise their forthcoming march, fox-hunters etc have included 'liberty and livelihood' on their display boards.
The programme revolved around the gaping loopholes that fox-hunters can burrow into when challenged.
The cops take their cue from their nominal boss, and a spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers insists they will not go after law-breaking fox-hunters unless they get evidence from the public.
Yet we have not heard the same vitriol directed towards the United States as that heaped upon fox-hunters by numerous MPs.
SIR - Fox-hunters argue that their barbaric pastime is essential to keep fox numbersdown, but fox populations regulate their numbers naturally.
After a scrummy chicken supper and lashings of wine, their pleasure cruiser started listing and the entire shipload of fox-hunters was thrown overboard, forcing them to swim for their lives.
FOX-hunters were pelted with eggs and potatoes yesterday as the traditional Boxing Day meets brought out protesters in their thousands.