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mounted hunters follow hounds in pursuit of a fox


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Avril Smith, general manager of the Fox Hunters, said: "We had an overwhelming response to our recruitment campaign before we closed and the calibre of applicants has been phenomenal.
During the 1997 rally, in which fox hunters and other supporters gathered in London to support ``country sports,'' Blair and other newly elected Labor Party officials seemed to distance themselves from the fox hunting issue.
The Fox Hunters pub on Preston North Road, North Shields, calls time on Sunday, October 9.
FOX hunters yesterday claimed more than 300,000 turned up at their traditional Boxing Day hunts - saying it is evidence of growing public support.
You can't help but love him as he fends off evil fox hunters, rescues injured ducks and travels the world in search of science.
SIR - With the Assembly elections looming, fox hunters are doing their best to ensure their candidates are voted in.
The race run over the Grand National fences, the John Smith's Fox Hunters Chase (3.
The sight of cowardly hooligans in black balaclava masks taunting and threatening fox hunters along our English hedgerows is, in many senses, pathetically amusing.
AS a townsman I do not have much in common with the people in the country who hunt foxes, but I would nevertheless back fox hunters against intolerant and bigoted people who want to impose their opinions on others.
I understand that the thin Blue Line is somewhat stretched to oversee that fledgling band of criminals, namely the fox hunters.
FOX HUNTERS in Warwickshire have reacted with cynicism after a Bill banning fox hunting ran out of debating time in the House of Lords.
BRITISH Premier Tony Blair's proposal to ban fox hunting has caused fox hunters in Britain to buy up farms in Ireland where they can pursue the controversial sport.
Now these fox hunters are trying to be more diplomatic as I heard a countryside member state: "You're not talking about trying to obliterate as many as you can, you're talking about taking out the old, the weak and the sick, thereby keeping the population healthy and at a level that is acceptable to the landowner.
KATARINO, described as 'a horse that's got dodgy legs and doesn't breathe', overcame his afflictions - and a 364-day absence from the track - to land back-to-back wins in the John Smith's Fox Hunters Chase at Aintree yesterday.
The so-called gentle country folk fox hunters were shown in their true and very cruel colours.