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mounted hunters follow hounds in pursuit of a fox


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FOX HUNTERS in Warwickshire have reacted with cynicism after a Bill banning fox hunting ran out of debating time in the House of Lords.
The Lib/Dems - who almost all voted for the ban initially - hopefully will continue their support for this by voting with Labour and all other ban supporters to put this cruel sport to bed once and for all and a vigorous campaign to bring to justice any fox hunters caught in the act.
COOL KAT: Katarino is as perfect at the last as at the rest of the fences on the way to Fox Hunter glory
REMARKABLE: Just weeks after having a baby Carrie Ford drove Forest Gunner to victory at Aintree yesterday, and (insert) she shed tears of joy after her Fox Hunters win
Turning fox hunters into criminals is persecution of a minority, they argue.
TRAINER Tom George cannot wait to saddle Big Fella Thanks in the Crabbie's Fox Hunters Chase at Aintree next month.
In fact, much of the hostility towards fox hunters arises not because of what they do - even townies can grasp that the fox population needs controlling - but because fox hunters enjoy doing it.
I thought I would show the fox hunters that they have support all over the country, including Shetland, where, admittedly, I can't actually enjoy the sport.
So why not kill two birds with one stone and let the fox hunters and their hounds hunt the perpetrators of the crime against the puppy?
Mr McCabe and this government have spent thousands of hours debating the best way to criminalise law-abiding fox hunters, while the citizens of our towns and cities are too frightened to walk the streets, in fear of their lives.
THE recent hooliganism by fox hunters was sparked by Mr Blair in an effort to get back on side with the electorate over the Iraq debacle, and not out of feeling for the poor fox.
Carrie plans to retire after yesterday's success in the Martell Cognac Fox Hunters Steeple Chase.
The Fox Hunters pub on Preston North Road, North Shields, calls time on Sunday, October 9.
It could represent a wave of similar measures that could crop up in legislatures nationwide - bills that would threaten not only fox hunters and trappers but others who use dogs for hunting.
SIR - With the Assembly elections looming, fox hunters are doing their best to ensure their candidates are voted in.