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medium-sized glossy-coated hounds developed for hunting foxes

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Most go out at least three times a week with 40 fox hounds.
Cruel huntsmen stood and watched as their pack of 40 fox hounds savaged a cat to death.
Finally, can BH tell us whether healthy fox hounds who simply fail to keep up with the pack, are re-homed or killed off.
A leak has shown that earlier this year, Lord Daresbury, chairman of the Master of Fox Hounds Association, wrote to around 800 leading fox hunters.
Thelma Lougher rode out with the Glamorgan Fox Hounds from an early age and used to use her horse for shepherding.
But Mr Broise claimed he was acting in self defence after, he said, Mrs Wild sprayed him the face with perfume, used to distract fox hounds, and hit him with a whip.
23 seconds; the Pen Lloen team performing in the classical dress age display; Steve Newell and Wyn Jones get the Llanarmon fox hounds ready for parade; Pictures: ROBERT PARRY JONES
The project, which is being conducted for hunting's Middle Way Group, will try to work out whether foxes are better off being killed by a man with a gun or being killed by fox hounds.
There is absolutely no way 200 packs of fox hounds will be able to charge around the countryside because of some blanket licensing.
Some of the world's top architects have designed 46 Cotswolds homes for a new breed of country squire more likely to be an IT millionaire than a Master of Fox Hounds.
The Balcormo Mains course near Leven has been watered all week to provide decent jumping ground for today's Fife Fox Hounds meeting, which has 92 entries on a seven-race card starting at 2pm.
For many years, I hunted with the Windsor Fox Hounds in Berkshire.
No 1 was Derek, 40, political analyst and the first gay, black master of fox hounds.
Plas Machynlleth Fox Hounds had been suspended following allegations by animal rights activists of ``cruel and barbaric'' practises.