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medium-sized glossy-coated hounds developed for hunting foxes

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OFF TO THE HUNT: The training of fox hounds was the origin of the phrase 'red herring'; OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: David Brandon, whose previous courses have included one on pub signs, has now turned to English sayings
Get trigger happy and you'll quickly end up as target practice for the Fox Hound guards.
Gareth Preston, prosecuting, told District Judge Andrew Shaw the charges were brought after off-duty police sergeant Stephen Whitfield noticed 15-20 fox hounds and some riders on the mountainside, then watched Armstrong put a terrier down a hole.
This was a genuine, environmentally friendly sport that killed more fox hounds in a year than it did foxes.
But from May 1, the Dumfriesshire and Stewartry Fox Hounds will start offering their services to local farmers who claim to be troubled with foxes.
Ferry, who left school at 16 to study as an apprentice with a pack of fox hounds, added: 'I had not necessarily thought of what we were going to do when I visited Westminster.
We notice that with each passing year the numbers of those taking part in the hunt organised by Waterford Fox Hounds are getting smaller.
Fox hounds are bred to follow a fox over all sorts of terrain.
Fox hounds are blatantly encouraged to chase their prey to the point of exhaustion and rip it to pieces just to give some sadists pleasure at the sight of it.
Fox hounds are put down when no longer good enough for what they are bred for.
The main ring programme includes, for the first time, an air display from a high-performance stunt plane, show jumping, acrobatics on motorbikes from the Kangaroo Kid, parades, fancy dress and fox hounds.
One of the historical reasons behind 'cubbing' was to train fox hounds, as juveniles are in theory easier to hunt than adults.
In the Nick Porter Cup, Fox Hounds beat Monkseaton Ship Inn 4-1, Chris Spry scoring twice.
What is so special about fox hounds that they can be offered permission?
John Thomas, Master of the Glamorgan Fox Hounds, said: 'We started two weeks ago and are hunting within the law by laying a trail using a scent.