Fox River

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a river in Wisconsin that flows into Lake Michigan

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Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources today announced a modification to the cleanup plan for PCB-contaminated sediment in Wisconsin's Lower Fox River.
Sources: Kane's Famous First Facts, 3462 Fox River plant: http://www.
A 2014-16 window will see a new Fox River Bridge engulf the original structure, whose demolition is phased such that three lanes of traffic in each direction can be maintained nearly 100 percent of the time.
Ann Pedersen, CMA, CPA, is senior accounting analyst at BP and a member of IMA's Fox River Valley Chapter.
However, their fate is only put on ice as the new boss of Fox River prison announces that Lincoln will be executed as soon as he is returned to jail.
Consuming Nature: Environmentalism In The Fox River Valley, 1850-1950 has an unusual dual nature--in one respect, it is a straightforward chronicle of the debate in Wisconsin's Fox River Valley more than fifty years ago, when the populace questioned and resisted the paper industry's heedless practice of dumping pollution into the Fox River.
Buchanan, non-executive chairman, Fox River Paper Co.
Though he enters Fox River Penitentiary with plenty of smarts and good intentions, of course, this will entail Michael befriending a lot of people he ordinarily would have wisely avoided, in or out of prison - crazed mob fixer Abruzzi (Peter Stormare), as just one example.
The first part, dealing with sulphide-associated PGE occurrences in layered stratiform intrusions, begins with an overview of the geology of the Muskox intrusion and its PGE concentrations, followed by descriptions of the geology, geophysics and PGE discoveries of the Fox River sill and the Mechanic intrusion in New Brunswick.
To Wisconsin's Fox Cities, to be precise--a group of communities on the Fox River clustered around the city of Appleton.
Epidemiologist Anne Sweeney and colleagues at Texas A&M University's School of Rural Public Health recently began a long-term prospective study of Asian-American children potentially exposed to high levels of PCBs and methylmercury through eating contaminated fish from Wisconsin's polluted Fox River.
However, the company will maintain its sales, engineering, spare parts and service operation at its Fox River Valley, WI offices.