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Fox Bat Strategy: A Tribute To Dave Jaurequi is out on June 30 and features seven songs written by the 63-year-old director of films including Eraserhead and the Twin Peaks TV series.
Rabies virus infection of a flying fox bat, Pterous policephalus in Chandigarh, North India.
ABLV was isolated from five species of flying fox bats, one species of an insectivorous bat, and two infected humans in 1996 (1,18,19).
Serum samples were obtained in January 2001 from 8 persons who gave their oral consent and who were exposed to NiV-seropositive Lyle's Flying Fox bats.
Two NiV isolates were obtained in the postoutbreak period (August 1999-June 2000) from 263 urine samples of Variable Flying Fox bats (12) and, to our knowledge, no isolate from bats in Bangladesh has been reported.