assembly language

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a low-level programing language

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ASG-JCLPREP is the only JCL validation tool that uses a high- performance, easy-to-use, fourth-generation language specifically designed to handle the full spectrum of JCL management tasks.
Cincom also offers complete solutions for object-oriented and fourth-generation language application development, client/server and object-relational database, workflow automation, and document solutions.
The Vision(TM) system from Precision Computer Systems (PCS) is based on Progress, a powerful, high-performance, fourth-generation language with its own embedded database.
Cincom offers mission- critical software for customer relationship management, document management, and enterprise applications for manufacturers as well as object-oriented, fourth-generation language application development, and database management systems.
PCS' Vision software is based on Progress, a leading-edge, fourth-generation language.
Cincom offers mission-critical software ranging from document production and enterprise manufacturing applications to solutions for object-oriented and fourth-generation language application development and database management systems.