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a republic in western Europe

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French writer of sophisticated novels and short stories (1844-1924)

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Even the South-West, the zone that largely benefited from the power rotation arrangement, at the inception of the Fourth Republic, also clamoured for the convocation of a national conference for the resolution of the national question.
During the Fourth Republic, the PCF's large delegation in the National Assembly was a major factor in the governmental instability of that era.
If Vichy was only too happy to intervene in the cultural arena, the Fourth Republic also put these ideas into practice .
Seeing America as headed down a moral slippery slope, she wonders if it might go the way of the French Fourth Republic or whether "Americans might be the defendants in future war crimes trials.
Dutton's recent study of The Origins of the Welfare State, which digs deeply into the sources on the history of mutualisme and its relationship to employers organizations and unions, an account that helps to explain distinctive features of the welfare state that took shape, as Pierre Laroque himself acknowledged, well before the momentous initiatives of the Fourth Republic.
First, it has utterly dismantled the institutions inherited from the previous regime, the so-called Fourth Republic.
De Gaulle put an end to the Fourth Republic by letting plotters, generals and politicians, restore him to power in 1958, as Giles shows.
Thus, the need to discuss elections and democratic survival in the Nigerian Fourth Republic with focus on political parties as institution for democratic governance, and to achieve this objective, this paper in is sectionalized to discuss a theoretical framework, elitism and elections in Nigeria, elections and democracy, the way forward for democratic survival, and the concluding remarks.
A short while ago, I took the oath of office as the third president of the Fourth Republic, and incidentally as the third John to be elected consecutively to the high office of president.
Although both were liberal democracies, can France's Fourth Republic, with its powerful assembly, weak executive, and multiplicity of parties be compared to Britain where a strong prime minister, enjoying a solid parliamentary majority, potentially enjoyed near-dictatorial powers?
Indochina and Algeria notwithstanding, many historians now suggest that the French Fourth Republic should be given credit for its positive achievements.
The covering letter attached to the report read: "At the 30th sitting of the third meeting of the fourth session of the Fourth Parliament of the Fourth Republic held on Tuesday 6 January 2009, Parliament approved the report of the Presidential Committee on Emoluments subject to some recommendations for the future.
Included is a series of concentrated and informative studies on several aspects of the Fourth Republic.