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French sociologist and reformer who hoped to achieve universal harmony by reorganizing society (1772-1837)

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Observations et impressions recueillies pendant duex ans et demi au Texas et a travers les Etats-Unis [A Shipwreck in Texas: Observations and Impressions of Two-and-a-half Years in Texas and Across the United States] (Paris: Garnier Freres, 1858), 182-86; Gabrielle Rey, Le Fourieriste Allyre Bureau (1810-1859)[The Fourierist, Allyre Bureau, 1810-1859] (Aix en Provence: La Pensee Universitaire, 1969), 470-710; Beecher, "Une utopie manque Au Texas" [A Failed Utopia in Texas], 73-74.
48) For details on the Fourierist doctrine of free love, see Guarneri, Utopian Alternative, 353-63.
She fails to provide her own criteria although she recognises that "many of those we think of as socialist called themselves, or were labelled by others, Jacobins, Saint-Simonians, Fourierists, communists, Icarian communists, Babouvists, and even neo-Babouvists.
Corporate property" means that nonruling members were able to earn more or accumulate additional shares or gain seniority rights according to work effort or tenure and mainly refers to the experiments with reward systems in the Fourierist communes.
Passing on to forms of collective violence, the organization of many village uprisings both before and after 1810 resembles nothing less than rural soviets, or perhaps free communes along Fourierist lines.
Carlyle's Sartor Resartus (1836), with its mock epic account of its hero's quest for a vocation, introduced the Bildungsroman to American shores, while Fourierist notions of "Attractive Industry" that would fit the task to the talent shaped the aims and ambitions at Brook Farm.
An interesting sidelight to the premature panic of Guadeloupe planters in 1847 was their willingness to sponsor a Fourierist "association" community for freed slaves.
The dreamscape they inhabit is equally fantastic: a mythical realm of shadow plays, museum rituals, Fourierist utopias, and space travel.
One may have heard of the Icarian and Fourierist settlers, of the French sections of the IWA, possibly of the Pans Commune exiles and French-speaking anarchist movements among the miners ha Pennsylvania, but many other aspects have remained thus far terra incognita.
ldots] The Fourierist utopia furnishes a model, of a sort to be found realized in the games of children.
Near where I grew up in New Jersey lie the ruins of a 19th-century Fourierist settlement, a utopian experiment devoted to communal living that lasted about a decade before the participants realized that they simply couldn't bear the sight of each other anymore.
He praises the Fourierists and socialists without consideration for their success.
Among the Fourierists, often dismissed for imagining idealized communities or phalansteries in the countryside, there was Perreymond, whose Etudes sur la ville de Paris provided practical proposals for new streets to improve traffic flow and for a massive reconstruction of the city centre--including filling in the left arm of the Seine--to provide a vital central location for important public buildings and services.
The difference between the Functionalists on the one hand and the Saint-Simonians and Fourierists on the other was that the former did not question the existing social and political order.
Influenced by utopian socialists, Saint-Simonians, Fourierists, nonetheless she followed her own path.