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French sociologist and reformer who hoped to achieve universal harmony by reorganizing society (1772-1837)

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The success of Brook Farm required not only achieving what George Ripley described as a "more simple and wholesome life," but also spreading the "universal and eternal laws" of Associationism and Fourierism, which condemned traditional institutions and promoted utopian socialism.
While Delano discusses Unitarianism, Transcendentalism, Associationism, and Fourierism, he does not explore the way in which these ideas, and not mundane misfortunes, were the true source of Brook Farm's ultimate demise.
There is little new in her discussion of the visionary side of Fourier and Cabet but her treatment is judicious, and she includes useful accounts of the evolution of Saint-Simonism and Fourierism.
His statement is ironic, not only because it connects Fourierism and Saint-Simonism, but also because of Mayeux's favourite activity -- he was frequently featured in prints in the pursuit of the women of Paris and appeared in two pornographic books, Les Douze journees erotiques de Mayeux (1831) and Les Amours secretes de Mayeux (1832), which were circulated by the French underground press, Since sexually explicit prints were banned during the July Monarchy, artists found ways to express sexual ideas covertly, often walking a narrow line between respectability and vulgarity.
More briefly noting how Aurora Leigh critiques "historiographic models such as socialism, Fourierism, and Comteanism," Avery concludes by treating the "fragmented," indeed "modernist" vision of history in the dramatized voices of Poems before Congress, arguing that "the further she moves through her career, the more skeptical EBB is about totalizing, overarching historical meta-narratives" (pp.
co-opted Charles Fourier's socialist theory, constructing theologies that syncretized it with their doctrines: "When Associationists contended that their ideology was a logical outgrowth of contemporary religious beliefs, they were not only accommodating Fourierism to the American Christian scene, but they also were giving new and distinctly socialist meanings to common religious concepts and rhetoric" (41).
In a letter to Isa Blagden, written in 1850, she declared, "If Fourierism could be realised (which it surely cannot) out of a dream, the destinies of our race would shrivel up under the unnatural heat, and human nature would, in my mind, be desecrated and dishonored.
903-911 of the "vicar" denouncing his Fourierism, who "preached from 'Revelations' (till / The doctor woke), and found me with 'the frogs'"--that is, with the unclean spirits of the sixth vial in the Revelation.