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the sum of a series of trigonometric expressions

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When more Fourier modes are considered, the convergence rate appears to decrease and it seems that the relative error is bounded by a minimum value, which is smaller when no slicing is applied.
We have ascertained that field behavior in the distance of the slot (strip) edges is determined mainly by sums of Fourier components with low spatial frequencies, whereas the field asymptotics directly on the edges is caused by higher-order Fourier modes.
According to these studies branching depends on undulating shapes "(described as static Fourier modes) at high curvatures and thus allows the development of regularly branched fibers with the spacing between the branches depending on the peaks of the longest wavelength Fourier mode.
In the next decade, SPM developments based on active control of the tip trajectory in ~MHz range, active feedbacks to lower thermomechanical noise, and advanced Fourier modes will emerge.
We find that just 16 Fourier modes in the computation of the complex contour integral are sufficient to determine the functions [[psi].