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The result for corporations is advanced sales talent coming out of a four-year degree program and advanced sales leaders who participate in continuing education programs to excel in entry-level and leadership positions.
It's time to shed the myth that a four-year degree is the only way to success for our students and to start empowering them to make smart post-graduation choices that will lead to long-term success.
With so much at stake -- not the least of which is the country's ability to compete with a highly skilled global work force -- it's imperative that qualified individuals who want to earn a four-year degree be given every opportunity to do so.
The standard assessment of the college wage premium is somewhat misleading because counted among four-year degree holders are those who also have an advanced degree.
Community colleges educate half of Oregon undergraduates and have offered a lower-cost pathway to a four-year degree.
As such, the need for more workers with college degrees presents an opportunity for CTE advocates and practitioners to dispel the four-year degree myth by highlighting many of the fast-growing and well-paying jobs which, while requiring some form of postsecondary training, do not require a four-year degree.
KARACHI, November 08, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Entry test for the four-year Degree Course for 2010 batch of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) was held here on Sunday.
The four-year degree, which costs just over pounds 4,000, had its first intake of students last month and is based around the Open University model, with an emphasis on students learning while working.
Scott will be studying full-time at Columbia University in the USA from next year, embarking on a four-year degree course while playing for the college team.
Figures produced by Birkbeck College in London suggest fees for a four-year degree course will soar 200% to more than pounds 16,000 because of the cash cuts.
In his new appointment, he is following an internal two-year corporate banking scheme with structured exams and is also working towards a four-year degree in corporate banking at the Institute of Financial Services, with financial support from the bank.
After his four-year degree course at Warwickshire Agricultural College in Moreton Morrell, near Warwick, Mr Ellis spent two years as advertising accounts manager at the London headquarters of Northcliffe Newspapers.
CSU Fresno offers an engineering program in the Antelope Valley, enabling AVC engineering majors to complete a four-year degree locally.
Founder Alex Spitzer may be the first wheelchair user to have gained a four-year degree in dance from a U.
degree from Kalamazoo College, where she was a piano student of Frances Clark and a member of Clark's first four-year degree program in piano pedagogy She carried a triple major--music, English and philosophy--and graduated magna cum laude with the highest four-year standing in the college.