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someone who has run the mile in less that 4 minutes

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While that was an amazing feat at the time, what was even more incredible was that the four-minute mile was broken again six weeks later.
Spurred on by failing to medal in the 1952 Olympics, Roger Bannister decided to attempt the four-minute mile before leaving athletics for a career in medicine.
The British runner, who turned 85 this year, held the world record for just 46 days before it was beaten by Landy in Finland, but he will always remain the man who broke the four-minute mile first and a blue plaque marks the spot of his sporting triumph.
A former 5,000 metres world record-holder, Chataway is best remembered for the part he played in helping Bannister break the four-minute mile barrier in 1954.
Now, all bets seem to be on Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four-minute mile in 1954.
Prominent doping cases are reviewed (including deaths), from Roger Bannister's four-minute mile controversy to doping in the Olympics and Major League baseball to the Tour de France and Floyd Landis case.
The film is about Roger Bannister, a man determined to run the first sub- four-minute mile and achieves it on May 6, 1954.
As with his in-depth history of US skyscrapers in Higher, Bascomb has once again provided dramatic research for this lively narrative of three men in the 1950s who valiantly sacrificed and trained to run the first four-minute mile.
Priscilla Welch won the New York City Marathon at the age of 43 and over-40 Eamonn Coghlan broke the four-minute mile in 1994.
It is all a far cry from the days when she graced the track at the same time as four-minute mile man Roger Bannister.
Bannister, who is English and was the first person to break the four-minute mile, said that black sprinters may have "certain natural anatomical advantages" that give them an edge in track.
1975: Sebastian Coe ran his first sub four-minute mile.
ATHLETICS legend Sir Roger Bannister has revealed he has Parkinson's disease just days ahead of the 60th anniversary of his four-minute mile.