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He also found supportive friends in two very different churches - the Starrett United Methodist Church, a venerable church in a building built by the town's biggest employers, the Starrett family; and the Four Square Church, which operates out of a renovated former True Value Hardware Store on Main Street.
The solution requires no more than four square feet of floor space and provides 9-MBps write speeds and 11-MBps reading.
Alas, even those exceptions do not seem to be present in Baghdad, where Americans are confined to a "Green Zone," four square miles surrounded by concrete walls and barbed wire.
Customers will also be able to take home two-ounce sample pouches-enough paint to cover approximately four square feet.
Warren Arey of Agua Dulce Christian Church, Gene Stabe of Agua Dulce Four Square Church and Wayne Wilson of Acton Faith Bible Church.
Four Square, the drinks division of Mars UK Ltd, said it hoped the newcomer would help it compete in the more mainstream chocolate milk drinks category.
A new and ultra compact Ishida multihead weigher from Heat and Control delivers powerful performance and precise accuracy from a main frame whose footprint covers only four square feet.
Four Square, the drinks manufacturing division of Mars UK Ltd, have chosen one of the Care refrigerants, from Calor Gas Refrigeration, tel:0192 631 8891, for process cooling at their Basingstoke factory.
The four square collars have inside widths of 9 inches.
Available styles are Olee Deco Four Square, Olee Illustrated Four Square, Olee Artistic Sketch and Olee Pop Art.
The 25 turbines, set on a four square mile site, produce in total 90 MW at designed capacity, attained at a wind speed of 30mph, the top end of a Force 6.
Every grammeof cocaine snorted by a drug user causes the destruction of four square metres of valuable rainforest, said Francisco Santos Calderon, who appealed to Britons to consider the impact on the environment before indulging in the illicit narcotic.
A close fight took place between Four Square Contracting Services and Oriental Supermarket Extra Coffee Shop who emerged winners 53-47.
THERE was a right old row at Warwick on Thursday when an unsafe patch of ground, measuring four square metres, led to five of the seven races being abandoned.
30pm yesterday and spent hours with beaters and hose reels to extinguish a fire involving around four square kilometres of grass and severely damaged just under three acres of forestry.
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