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the branch of theology that is concerned with such final things as death and Last Judgment

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At the church in Stamford, the east wall is now blank, but some reminder, similar if not in skill then in message, of the Four Last Things, must have been there.
Wheeler works within a frame of reference which, in addition to its arrangement according to the four last things, is in many respects more theological than literary.
A theoretical introduction, raising questions of biblical authority and the limits of language (questions debated now as much as then), gives way to four long chapters on the four last things (Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell).
A Fourfold Meditation of the Four Last Things was published in 1606.
Kelley, provost of Merrimack College and author of the recently published book The Four Last Things (Paulist Press, 2006), aims to answer one hundred and one questions regarding what Christians view as the souls destined journey after leaving this Earth.