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the fourth coordinate that is required (along with three spatial dimensions) to specify a physical event


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uk/research/news/five-dimensional-black-hole-could-break-general-relativity) beyond four dimensions (the three dimensions of space and one of time).
The four dimensions explored are external recognition, attractiveness, internal legitimacy, and framing.
In this report four dimensions of financial disadvantage are investigated, namely, income poverty; financial stress; unemployment and not in the labour force (NILF); and low wealth.
Non-perturbative field theory; from two-dimensional conformal field theory to QCD in four dimensions.
The Europa League final is so far away that we'll probably be getting ripped off by Sky to watch it in four dimensions by the time it airs.
The SDDS identifies four dimensions of data dissemination
In addition, two of the four dimensions that make up anxiety sensitivity - the "fear of cognitive dyscontrol" and the "fear of publically observable anxiety symptoms" specifically predicted depression symptoms.
Submitted entries must integrate the four dimensions specific to this design competition of environmental friendliness, social harmony, interactive mobility and economic efficiency.
He says that four dimensions are in play, fuelling speculation that there'll be a science fiction finale.
Space/Time Magic literally lives up to its title in its study of mystical practices that affect the four dimensions, and its down-to-earth terminology makes in accessible to readers of all backgrounds.
We are going to extend these ideas to see if we can at least start to visualise four dimensions.
He then looks at dark energy, the expansion of the universe, and the possibility of more than four dimensions.
Mini-security units measure 40 inches high in four dimensions, featuring chrome finish with optional shelves.
Hofstede's four dimensions of culture provided the conceptual framework for the study.
The guided record was framed with four dimensions of reflection outlined by LaBoskey (1993).