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the fourth coordinate that is required (along with three spatial dimensions) to specify a physical event


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To be successful today, cities have to develop their own unique formula that addresses the four dimensions of urban success: talent, innovation, connections and distinctiveness," said Cortright.
As previously mentioned, student cultural orientations were measured in four dimensions using scales developed by Singelis et al.
The 24-cell is this incredibly beautiful configuration that happens to fit perfectly in four dimensions, for reasons that are mysterious," Cohn says.
Active learning methods also ranked high among all four dimensions of the ARCS motivational model (Jacobson & Xu, 2004).
Simply put, it's the "4" from four dimensions that explains the "4" in 1/4-power scaling relations, he and his colleagues assert.
Her report describes ways of assessing four dimensions of those budgets: expenditure, revenue, macroeconomics, and decision-making processes.
Four dimensions of this peculiar setting--height, width, depth, and time--correspond to the spacetime of relativity theory.
He sets out the basic concepts of diversity, then devotes a section each to the four dimensions of diversity cited in the title.
Four dimensions account for temperament: novelty seeking, harm avoidance, reward dependence, and persistence.
Four dimensions of this peculiar setting height, width, depth, and time correspond to the space-time of relativity theory.
The ability to visualize anatomy in four dimensions is the future of ultrasound," said Omar Ishrak, vice president and general manager of GE Medical Systems' Global Ultrasound business.
She sets out a framework for bringing a future focus to education through the four dimensions of anticipatory learning: foresight, identity, direction setting, and innovation.
When you compare what's true in four dimensions with what's true in higher or lower dimensions, it's now clear that something very different happens in four dimensions, says Clifford H.
Cisco Globally Resilient IP comprises four dimensions of network resilience -- Resilient Routing, Resilient Connectivity, Resilient MPLS and Resilient IP Services -- which combine to offer the industry's broadest support for highly available networks.
Likewise, what appears in three dimensions to be a pinch point could very well be a perfectly regular feature in four dimensions.