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a woman's undergarment worn to give shape to the contours of the body

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I thought that was very interesting because some of these garments were meant to essentially be a reprieve from these really constricting foundation garments like the corset.
Don't be fooled by the stage-y makeup, coiffure cleverly "deconstructed" with bobby pins, and fancy foundation garments.
Grant encourages men to build a fashionable wardrobe from good foundation garments.
And there in the studio will be six groups of people (students, builders, teachers, and so on) who'll undoubtedly conform to the template of the "I wanna be on telly" types who appear on all such shows: IQs smaller than their shoe size, but egos bigger than Andrea Dworkin's foundation garments.
Stockings stayed up better, swimwear refused to bag or droop when wet, and bras and foundation garments no longer bunched and pinched.
Proper implementation of 5S at their company, which occupies 8 hectares in Horana, a hamlet in western Sri Lanka, helped it produce 10 million units of foundation garments and serve such customers as Victoria's Secret, Triumph, Jockey and Lane Bryant, Ranasinghe said.
Foundation garments assumed the entire burden of molding the body into the fashionable silhouette.
The king of sci-fi fashion, Gaultier drew his inspiration from his mother's foundation garments.
Examples of products produced in underwear and nightwear knitting mills are briefs, underwear T-shirts, pajamas, nightshirts, foundation garments, and panties.
Since 1941, thousands of researchers have been dispatched to gauge opinions about a bewildering array of topics, beginning with a Survey of Foundation Garments which looked at the popularity of corsets.
Authenticity is important, right down to foundation garments, which change the shape of the body.
They have become a fashion statement, originally for the flatstomached young with bejeweled belly buttons but now sadly embraced by those whose tummies would be better tightly controlled inside some serious foundation garments.
offers an in-depth scholarly analysis of the cultural and social implications of women's foundation garments, from the 1930s to the present.
We do some some corsetry and foundation garments because we work with some nearby homes for the elderly and we're starting to work with hospitals to provide mastectomy bras.
This was the turn of tiny-waisted women with full skirts and foundation garments, like the corset, really coming into play, flattening stomachs and pulling in waists.
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