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an unhindered basketball shot from the foul line

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I'm not playing at the next level, so I wanted to make sure this wasn't my last game," said Antioch senior guard Branden Gallimore, who hit for 3 of 4 foul shots in the fourth.
Joseph Manlangit secured a steal on Matt Salem, but Aquino this time muffed both of his foul shots, setting the stage for Casino to once again knot the score at 84 with a layup over Rod Ebondo with 5.
Ben Wisniewski (16 points) hit a layup and then drained a foul shot to tie at 62-62, with 1:19 left, but O'Shea hit a free throw and put the game away at the free-throw line with buckets from Abdul-Wahid (11 points), Bey (23 points) and Nick Lloyd.
The fourth quarter was again a losing quarter for Childwall although Dan Chima added five points from the foul shot line and some big rebounds from Liam Dix meant Childwall would hold their nerve to win 74-68.
Then, after Nash added two more foul shots, Roane pulled up from 28 feet and drained his fifth three-pointer of the game to bring North Bend within a point, 47-46, with 52.
Midgley hit back-to-back threes and, with a foul shot added, sneaked back in front at 55-54.
Vaughn sank four foul shots with 24 seconds to go and with Shelly Boston fouled out with 22 points, the Rebels could not recover.
The wagers offered are mostly oriented to short-term action, for example, is the penalty kick successful, is the next play a run or a pass, is the next pitch a ball or a strike, does the shooter make two foul shots, and many more.
Given the opportunity to exorcise the ghost of the loss to fierce rival La Salle, Nieto came through with the biggest plays of the game, including two foul shots with 3.
The other part of our game that we are not getting is we don't get to the free throw line,'' said Brown, whose team last took more than 14 foul shots in their last win, against New Jersey Tech on Dec.
Childwall missed seven foul shots in this period which would prove costly down the stretch of the game, the quarter ended with the scoreline 44-43 to Childwall.
Trailing 68-64 with 1:00 remaining, OSU freshman Jarmal Reid missed two critical foul shots, and the Cougars responded with a free throw for a 69-64 lead.
So we're not shooting foul shots in practice as fatigued as we were today.
Chart A Made More Foul Shots YEAR WINS LOSSES TOTAL TIMES 94-95 12 2 14 95-96 10 2 12 96-97 15 2 17 97-98 12 3 15 98-99 18 4 22 Overall 67 13 80 Chart B Made Fewer Foul Shots 94-95 10 5 15 95-96 8 8 16 96-97 7 5 12 97-98 3 7 10 98-99 2 6 8 Overall 30 31 61
He felt they wasted too many easy opportunities by not been patient, shooting too early and missed too many foul shots.