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drain that conveys liquid waste from toilets, etc

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Saying that, we approached this project believing that anything we did would be an improvement and the physical site restrictions from such things as gas mains, foul sewers and ground levels actually dictated the size and shape of the end result".
They were told it was connected to another foul sewer, which directs sewage to the water authorities for treatment before it goes back into the environment.
The culvert drains surface water from a huge area above Crumlin and it is thought that there could be a mis-connection allowing waste, which should go to the foul sewer, into the surface water system and straight into the river.
The scope of the works consist of road resurfacing, inline storm and foul sewer repair and snag items to kerbs, road signs, road gully~s, manholes etc.
To prevent pollution, any contaminated runoff is diverted to a foul sewer for off-site treatment.
They should instead be connected to the foul sewer.
This sediment, together with whole oranges, peel and segments, had been discharged by Sunjuice Ltd into the public foul sewer system, in breach of its agreement with Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.
Installing all new drainage, including new foul sewer line.
A council inspection followed, which found evidence of rats in the cellar, which was connected to an open, foul sewer where there was a blockage.
Contract award: Replacing the existing foul sewer in the street.
Tenders are invited for 3 number single storey temporary classrooms in two blocks and associated rooms detached from existing school to rear of school and new revised foul sewer layout and connection to existing services and ancillary site works at ardee educate together national school, dundalk road, townparks, ardee, co.
Contract notice: The development of complex projects in construction and regulations for the construction of the sewer system in the basin of the foul sewer v.
Tenders are invited for Lay new gravity foul sewer connecting the Cois na Habhainn development with the existing public sewer.
Tenders are invited for Boundary fencing, Ground Works, Road Surfacing, drainage works to include decomissioning of existing on site sewerage treatment, laying of new foul sewer and manholes and public lighting Response deadline (Irish time) 05-05-2015 13:00