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French physicist who determined the speed of light and showed that it travels slower in water than in air

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Foucault define enunciado como uma funcao de existencia, que cruza um dominio de estruturas e de unidades possiveis, e as faz aparecer com conteudos concretos, no espaco e no tempo.
Sin embargo, planteado a modo de hipotesis, la expansion del neoliberalismo norteamericano y de la teoria del capital humano se produce porque, al mismo tiempo y como condicion sine qua non, se desarrolla en el mundo, a partir de mediados del siglo XX y con mayor intensidad desde la decada de 1970, un tipo de gubernamentalidad o de tecnologia de poder que podriamos denominar gubernamentalidad financiera y que se diferencia de las formas de gubernamentalidad economica que Foucault denomina ordoliberalismo aleman y anarcoliberalismo norteamericano.
Foucault further contends that we no longer perceive the obligation to confess as a power that constrains us.
For one reason or another they're all great songs," says Foucault.
52); and so much so that Foucault ends 'What is an author?
Sei bem que para uma analise enunciativa, como nos explicou Foucault (2000a), deve-se considerar tambem o suporte material que o tempo e o lugar da enunciacao utilizam, porem nao me coloco como objetivo a discussao da materialidade do video como suporte, pois, para mim, antes do formato de video que ocupam os enunciados no youtube, tomo o corpo como suporte primeiro na recepcao e producao dos ecos de nossa cultura.
Long before the Stonewall riots, or Foucault for that matter, nonconforming sexual identities were recognized by society.
Scholars have written extensively on Kate Chopin, but not enough on her female characters in conjunction with theorists such as Michel Foucault and his theory on power and sexuality in The History of Sexuality.
To explain the relative absence of Foucault, we might want to consider that disability studies has basically been an Anglo-American endeavour, which is just beginning to expand its insights into the globalized world.
In an interview on The Order of Things (1966), Foucault identifies a key feature of his own method: namely that of taking up "Don Quixote, Descartes and a decree by Pomponne de Bellievre about houses of internment in the same stroke" ([1966]1998e: 262).
In these lectures, Foucault explains the techniques and procedures of governance by using the neologism "gouvernementalite" ("governmentality"), a term first coined in his lecture of February 1,1978.
However, in both Auster and Foucault the ultimate aim is to exercise control.
Yet five years before his death in 1984, Foucault gave a generally appreciative series of Paris lectures on classical liberalism that have finally been translated into English.
Canadian-born Mario Foucault has taken over the head role at the Rio Tinto Alcan aluminium plant and power station at Lynemouth, near Blyth.
Lori Mortensen's COME SEE THE EARTH TURN: THE STORY OF LEON FOUCAULT (9781582462844, $17.