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supervised care for delinquent or neglected children usually in an institution or substitute home

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Foster parents help children feel supported at home and in the community.
is Fedcap's national, one of a kind system-change initiative that supports foster parents in creating college-going cultures in their homes.
To ensure children are raised in safe and caring environments, we will clarify our policy on co-sleeping and the Safe Babies course is now a requirement for all foster parents that care for children under the age of three", further stated the report.
Besides providing trauma-informed training and other skills for foster parents, DCF links each family with a resource worker who is that family's "go-to'' person.
Foster Parent Financial Assistant is developed by Pine Point Mobile Solutions.
Over the years Sherry and Doug have been foster parents to about 15 children, some long-term and others short-term.
So if you think you have what it takes to be a foster parent now is the time to step forward.
During the first 6 weeks of nesting, one parent is constantly at the nest (Osorno, 1996); therefore, we placed chicks directly into nests of foster parents with either the male (foster-parents A) or female (foster-parents B and C) on the nest.
The Alabama Foster Parent "Bill of Rights" in section (7) states that foster parents should have the "right to information concerning behavioral problems, health history, educational status, cultural and family background, and other issues relative to the child which are known to the department at the time the child is placed in foster care prior to the child's placement with a foster parent or parents.
Cultural matching of foster children with foster parents has shown a number of benefits over culturally mismatched care.
Attempts to recruit more foster parents have also suffered a setback in a backlash against a compulsory government-imposed training scheme.
Health and mental health services for children in foster care: The central role of foster parents.
However, in this paper the focus is on the foster home itself, and ideas of the foster parents about parenting, and about actions that caseworkers can take to facilitate sustained and successful placements.
Now Liberal Democrat MPs want private foster parents registered too.
Black and Hispanic children are twice as likely as white children to be placed with relatives, and yet relative foster parents tend to get less training and fewer support services than do non-relative foster parents.