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8220;Digisonics had been courting Tony Fossile for a long-time, and was very pleased to have him join our team a few years ago,” said James Devlin, President.
2]] Floors Type Small 5,500 [511] 1 Fossile Packaged PSZ-AC Office fuel DX Furnace Large 498,588 12 Hot-water Chilled VAV with Office [46,320] fossil Water Reheat fuel Boiler Stand 24,962 1 Fossile Packaged PSZ-AC Alone [2,319] fuel DX Retail Furnace Large 122,120 6 Hot-water Chilled VAV with Hotel [11,345] fossil Water Reheat fuel Boiler Table 2.
Essai descriptif sur los plantes fossiles dos arkoses de brives pres dle Puy-en-Velay.
A titre d'exemple, le Quebec a mis en place une redevance sur le contenu carbone des carburants et combustibles fossiles, une premiere nord-americaine (20).
This double-status of the dramatic text as writerly object and staged production is again emphasized when Clinket, having had her works thrown into the fire by an exasperated Fossile, loudly mourns the loss of "half an Epilogue" but also of "three Copies of recommendatory Verses
Linda Fossile of Fossile Construction, a family owned business, said more buyers are on the scene, and they are picky about getting more house for their dollars.
Fossile Spinnen aus miozanen Sedimenten des Randecker Maars in SW-Deutschland (Arachnida: Araneae).
A1/2 D'ici 2040 ou 2050, la demande pour toutes sortes d'E[umlaut]nergies, biologique, fossile ou mE[logical not]me nuclE[umlaut]aire, sera multipliE[umlaut]e par 3 e.
The space now comprises 5400 square feet and features a new concierge desk constructed of bronze and Fossile Nero, an unusual and distinctive black fossilized marble from North Africa.
Fossile Crocodiliden aus der Tertiarformation des mainzer Beckens.
rock phosphate) or from the atmosphere, which means that these deposits and energy, mostly from fossile sources, are consumed.
Dietmar Winje; "A Framework for Formulating Policies for Fossile Fuels in Oil Importing Developing Countries" paper presented at International Symposium on Petroleum for the Future organized by Government of Pakistan, Islamabad, January, 1988.
Les conferenciers ont egalement souligne la necessite de redefinir le modele de consommation energetique algerien vers plus de sobriete tout en diversifiant les sources energetiques et appele, evidemment, a une politique commune entre les pays exportateurs d'energie fossile.
Le cinema, en tant qu'industrie de divertissement de masse, se trouve dans une situation tant d'hypocrite que paradoxale : au moment ou il denonce la pollution dans le monde provoquee par les voitures, les pesticides, la surconsommation de l'energie fossile, les pollueurs crapuleux et autres facteurs (voir les films Home, une verite qui derange, le cauchemar de Darwin, Nos enfants nous accuseront, le syndrome du titanic, Erin Brokovitch-), il passe souverainement sous silence son propre impact ecologique (conscient ou inconscient)et ses consequences devastatrices tant sur l'environnement que sur la psychologie des spectateurs.