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fuel consisting of the remains of organisms preserved in rocks in the earth's crust with high carbon and hydrogen content

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Having been issued at the beginning of the Paris Climate Conference, this statement is regarded as a strong signal that investors are significantly directing their funds away from fossil fuels towards clean and renewable energy resources.
We are delighted to partner with Alianza Pacifco to help Latin America make the move from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
Chayley Collis, from Huddersfield FoE, said: "Eighty percent of known fossil fuel reserves need to stay in the ground to prevent catastrophic temperature rises.
The publication of Alex Epstein's book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, which was released last November, was propitiously timed--and is a much-welcomed addition to the intellectual arsenal in the escalating Climate War/Energy War.
But, as I explain in a new book "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels," if we truly think critically about the morality of fossil fuel energy, both its benefits and its risks, fossil fuel energy is not a dangerous addiction but a healthy choice.
If investors fail to get out of fossil fuels, they 'may one day be seen to be late movers, on the wrong side of history,' the bank said.
That is why politicians, policymakers and investors must understand that fracking is just a blip in the sunset of the fossil fuel age.
I've spent the better part of my life researching fossil fuels -- both their pros and their cons -- and I've come to an inescapable conclusion: Fossil fuels are morally praiseworthy -- and our lives would be better if we ramp up their use.
Other factors taken into account were the business continuity risks from sea level rises to Victoria s low lying Pipitea Campus, and the investment risks of stranded assets in the fossil fuels sector," Vice-Chancellor Professor Guilford said.
Alex Epstein is the author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels (Portfolio, Penguin) and founder of the Center for Industrial Progress.
To overcome this financial barrier, many churches are shifting investments out of fossil fuels (see http://gofossilfree.
EFFORTS BY a VARIETY of organizations to quantify global support for fossil fuels have generated estimates that range from $523,000,000,000 to more than 1.
Individuals, governments, and businesses the world over would need to cease their reliance on fossil fuels in little more than a generation.
1 billion in subsidies and tax breaks to fossil fuels and fossil fuel intensive activities.
Either we stop burning fossil fuels before our carbon dioxide emissions drive the planet's average temperature up a full 2C, in which case we will push the world into the biggest-ever recession.