Fosbury flop

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jumping over the bar backwards and head first

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Showjumping: Make the Fosbury flop mandatory for the horses.
Inventor of the Fosbury flop technique used by high jumpers.
The Fosbury flop is now the standard technique used by all.
He won the gold medal and set a world record with the Fosbury Flop, the style used by most high-jumpers today.
The proverbial fence-jumping sheep have been handed their P45s and sent to be re-skilled in the Fosbury Flop in time for the London Olympics.
BOTSWANAN high jumper Kabelo Mmono is a man on a mission - to regain his position as his nation's number one exponent of the Fosbury Flop.
The improved inflatable landing areas and the synthetic run-up surface made the Fosbury Flop an immediate hit.
The Fosbury Flop (1968): The United States' Dick Fosbury literally turned high-jumping upside down as he won the Olympic gold medal in Mexico City.
He asked the audience to consider the 1968 Olympic highjumper, Richard Fosbury, who created the Fosbury Flop, a new and innovative style to get over the bar.
Ayew's late Fosbury flop under England defender Harry Maguire's negligible escort was pathetic.
I thought the bed was going to collapse it rocked and creaked so much in pain when I tried to Fosbury flop my way into the top bunk.
Uninhibited by the heels on her black and white patent leather stilettos, Louise dashes to the buffet, picks off some mini sausage rolls, bite-size Scotch eggs and a handful of Dorritos and she's back in her seat before you can say Fosbury Flop.
It's not so much a story about betting," says Cameron, "more like the story of the fellow who invented the Fosbury Flop, how one man changed the world of high jumping forever.
Now the creator of the Fosbury Flop is coming to Scotland to coach our young sports stars in how to bag a gold medal of their own.