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United States athlete who revolutionized the high jump by introducing the Fosbury flop in the 1968 Olympics (born in 1947)

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Who knew that I would be standing with Fosbury in the Sierra Nevada, at 7,377 feet up in the middle of a forest?
Mas dificil de evaluar es su huella, su legado, la validez y vigencia de su ejemplo, pero merece la pena hacer un esfuerzo y buscar en su trayectoria las fintas, los amagues, los remates que aun hoy dia nos esforzamos en imitar quienes nos dedicamos a la edicion de libros; algo que podamos bautizar, por ejemplo, el "regate Pradera", a la altura del penalti de Panenka, el salto de Fosbury o los dos no goles de Pele.
10 June 2015 - US-based location-based mobile marketing platform Verve Mobile has acquired acquisition of US-based beacon and mobile wallet technology developer Fosbury, the company said.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-June 10, 2015-Verve Mobile acquires Fosbury
Over the summer, though, Hack got healthy and honed his craft at the Dick Fosbury Camp at Bowdoin College in Maine and later at the Harvard Complete Track & Field Clinic.
Barsham, who jumps off his left foot using the Fosbury Flop technique, left his mark on the London Olympics when he cleared a height of 2.
7 At which Olympic Games did Dick Fosbury (above) win the high jump gold medal with his revolutionary style?
Third, there was the American Dick Fosbury, who opted to clear the bar in the high jump by going over with his back rather than his stomach, which was the custom at the time.
Dean Fosbury who works for Silvergate Plastics in Wrexham, will help develop the area by taking part in community projects including teaching in schools and coaching youngsters in sport.
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Another example also includes American athlete Dick Fosbury, who won the gold medal in the 1968 Summer Olympics and drew the world's attention to his innovative high jump style known as Fosbury Flop.
What Celtic WANT to hear is: "I turned round, saw Broadfoot giving it the full Fosbury flop and thought to myself: 'Gaun yersel big yin - that gives me the perfect opportunity to get it right up the Cellic.
Showjumping: Make the Fosbury flop mandatory for the horses.
At the games in Vancouver, two former gold medalists, Dick Fosbury ('68, high jump) and Norman Bellingham ('88, kayak), signed an Olympic flag and shipped it here to Ti'lomikh Falls on the Rogue River in Oregon.
by Lars Lindberg Christensen, Robert Fosbury and Robert Hurt