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a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded

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National Spot Exchange Limited has not been under the regulatory supervision of Forward Markets Commission (FMC).
Forward Market Media, the company behind TeamTix, said it is opening a forward market that ensures individuals they will get to the stadium on game day in an unforgettable way if their team qualifies for the first-ever College Football Playoff games.
After banning algorithmic (algo) trading in micro- and mini-contracts in commodities with effect from January 1, the commodities market regulator, the Forward Markets Commission (FMC), has issued guidelines for regulation of algorithmic trading in the commodity futures market.
With forward markets indicating all summer that a supply bounce was just around the corner cautious European refiners kept the brakes on runs to avoid creating a supply glut.
Khatua, IAS (MH:76) as Chairman, Forward Markets Commission, on re-employment on contract basis, on the existing terms and conditions, for a period of one year with effect from 1st August, 2010," an official release stated.
Hence, the Board approached the Forward Markets Commission to permit futures trading in rubber.
Changes to this edition include an update of contemporary market data references, technical notes referring to the website, solutions coded to chapter subheadings, revisions to the chapters on futures and forward markets, and expanded coverage of credit derivatives.
First, they are simply selling yen in the forward markets as a hedge against their current Japanese equity holdings.
Four world leaders in resource mining are joining forces in a $10m venture to establish a global e-commerce marketplace that will allow buyers and sellers to trade in commodities and create forward markets over the Internet.
However, futures markets are more rigid than forward markets as trading is on margins that are adjusted daily.
and international futures and forward markets in currencies, interest rates, energy and agricultural products, metals and stock indices.
Commodity market regulator Forward Markets Commission which banned the exchange from introducing new contracts for next calendar year has given conditional approval to unveil contracts up go March if it concludes the technology agreement with Financial Technology.
The minister said that the CBI, Forward Markets Commission and the ministry of corporate affairs are looking into the payment crisis at the commodity exchange as per recommendations of the committee headed by economic affairs secretary Arvind Mayaram.
The Forward Markets Commission has introduced a staggered delivery option where the seller can deliver certain commodities within 15 days from the fifth day of delivery month starting from June expiry.
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