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a miner who took part in the California gold rush in 1849

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A former high school substitute teacher, Freeman, 58, became fascinated with the lost forty-niners after a 1989 backpacking exped Badwater in Death Valley to the top of Mount Whitney.
For seven New Forty-Niner firms last year, business was extremely brisk.
By contrast, 27 percent of last year's New Forty-Niners reported revenue decreases; 61 percent of firms listed showed drops in revenues from 1985 to 1986; and 31 percent of Alaska's largest firms posted revenue losses from 1984 to 1985.
The Forty-Niner with the second fastest growth in 1988 revenues is South Coast Inc.
Lincoln and its partner school, Atlanta's Pace Academy, won the first CyberBlitz Challenge, which coincided with the Forty-Niners versus Falcons football game earlier this season.
The union's claim is that the San Francisco Forty-Niners had the required notice of Owens' intent to void the final two years of his contract, and that the club's claim over his contract rights for 2004 and 2005 and its attempted trading of those rights to the Baltimore Ravens are invalid.
5 by Freeman, who found it while exploring possible routes taken by the lost forty-niners, the first white people to stumble into the lowest, hottest, driest spot in North America.
With this type of payroll and employment, it would be difficult to imagine that any of the New Forty-Niners are not involved.
SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 5, 1996--In an agreement signed with the City of San Francisco, the San Francisco Forty-Niners and the San Francisco Giants, 3Com Corporation (NASDAQ:COMS) today announced it is the long-term sponsor of 3Com Park at Candlestick Point through the year 2000.
Five hikers are back at home after encountering complications in crossing Edwards Air Force Base during their attempt to retrace the escape from Death Valley by forty-niners who had been lost in the desert.
and is a former quarterback for the San Francisco Forty-Niners.
3Com Park visitors and cyber-fans will be interested in visiting the home pages of their favorite Bay Area teams: the San Francisco Forty-Niners and Giants, San Jose Sharks, Golden State Warriors, or the 3Com Park site.
A parade Friday will kick off the annual Forty-niners Celebration at the Elizabeth Lake/Lake Hughes Community Center, 17520 Elizabeth Lake Road.
Athletes being profiled will include quarterback Steve Young of the San Francisco Forty-Niners, basketball players Hakeem Olajuwon of the Houston Rockets and Anthony Mason of the New York Knicks, and baseball players Mo Vaughn of the Boston Red Sox and Jim Abbott, currently a free agent, among others.
As an educator, how do I tell a 10-year-old schoolboy, in whom I'm trying to instill democratic principles, ``Well, I'm sorry, son, but I can't show you where the forty-niners went, because the Air Force won't allow me to look.