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a miner who took part in the California gold rush in 1849

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And, like the Forty-niners, these prospectors cherish their bits of gold as much as those rugged individuals did 150 years ago.
Scurvy developed during the Irish potato famine of 1847 and appeared among the Forty-Niners of the California Gold Rush.
They called California Gum San, "Gold Mountain," and like many Forty-Niners, hundreds of Chinese came to the Sacramento area in the mid-1800s in search of riches.
The site, once a shipyard, is reclaimed land incorporating hulks of ships abandoned by the Forty-niners rushing inland for gold.
From photographs taken in the studio or in the mines in the Sierra foothills, it is possible to understand how forty-niners saw themselves and how they wished others to see them before and during their great adventure.
Tucked in the northwest corner of Nevada, the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyon look much the same as they did when the forty-niners journeyed through.
Freeman, 58, died Tuesday at his Pearblossom home, where he had nearly completed a book about the trunk and the back-country treks that led to it - including two furtive excursions across Nevada's nuclear test range - tracing the route of the lost forty-niners who were the first whites to stumble into Death Valley.
When the Alaska rush followed at the turn of the century, the forty-niners were drawn north to Alaska to again seek their fortunes.
Forty-niners eagerly commissioned views of mining claims and boomtowns or sat for portraits in rough frontier clothing, bristling with weapons.
When the forty-niners poured over the Sierra Nevada into California," wrote Eldon G.
Forty-niners are distributed to Asian countries, and the 52s are offered everywhere else.
It became Foster's first widespread success, being taken up by minstrel troupes and carried to the West Coast by the forty-niners.
The same promotion was used for the San Francisco Forty-Niners football team, Randles said.
I recall buying cartons of Christopher Milk (later Berkeley Farms), dumping it out for the free admission coupon to the Forty-Niners first home, Golden Gate Park's Kezar Stadium.
Native farmers helped provision explorers, settlers, and hordes of forty-niners bound for the gold fields of California; their ancestors dug irrigation canals that are still visible in parts of the desert.