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being two more than forty

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Ridden then and tonight at Naas by apprentice Mick Cleere, Sixteen Forty Two is napped to beat nine rivals in the one-mile Kill Handicap.
Spokeswoman Sue Loder said: "When we were told that Forty Two Dee was for sale, we just had to have her.
00 ( Forty Two Lacs Seventy Seven Thousand One Hundred Fifteen Only )
42775 ( Forty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Five Only )
50 ( Forty Two Lacs Sixty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Thirty One And Fifty Paise Only )
66 ( Forty Four Crores Forty Two Lacs Eighty One Thousand One Hundred Thirty Six And Sixty Six Paise Only )
00 ( Forty Two Lacs Sixty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Three Only )
45 ( Forty Two Lacs Sixty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Twenty And Forty Five Paise Only )
16 ( Sixty Eight Lacs Forty Two Thousand Five Hundred Fifteen And Sixteen Paise Only )