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a parenteral cephalosporin (trade names Fortaz and Tazicef) used to treat moderate infections

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In addition, they have significantly lower fuel consumption and 5 times lower NOx concentration of flue gases compared to the old equipment at the Chelyabinsk GRES power plant," notes Alexander Chuvaev, Executive Vice President, Russia segment of Fortum.
Yet, in today's era of constrained personnel resources and new demands, we must make more efficient and productive use of our existing transmission and distribution assets and workforce to meet these targets," said Goran Hult, Vice President of R&D at Fortum and a keynote speaker at the recent Ventyx World Conference in Barcelona.
It is backed by strong owners including Fortum, a large European utility company.
As investments in power and heat generation are highly capital intensive, Fortum stresses the importance of a predictable and consistent energy policy and operating environment.
Fortum has declared it had no intention to acquire more than 1% in Belene.
Fortum Varme Alpha includes the operations outside Stockholm of Fortum Varme, part of Finnish energy company Fortum Oyj (HEL: FUM1V).
According to the company, production of the alternative fuel will be based on a process developed by Fortum Oil that produces "high-quality" diesel from vegetable oils and animal fats.
The two firms said they inked a contract Tuesday to acquire Fortum (E&P) BV.
Several large wind projects are underway in Sweden, of which the Jadraas wind park (268 MW including its second phase) and the Blaiken wind park developed by a consortium made up of Fortum (initial phase of 150 MW).
Fortum Charge & Drive acquires EV Power's 10 charging stations in Trondelag, Norway.
May 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Enterprise mobility specialist, Antenna Software, today announced that Fortum Corporation, a company that generates, distributes, and sells electricity and heat, has selected AMPchroma, Antenna's award-winning mobile app platform as the basis for its mobile applications.
Release date- 18072011 - Fortum is investing in a smart metering system based on two-way communication in Norway.
The Finish energy consortium Fortum plans acquire no more than 1% in the second Bulgarian Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) to be build in the Danube town of Belene.
net/), dedicated to large scale infrastructure monitoring and management, and the leading Finnish energy company Fortum (http://www.
COPENHAGEN, DENMARK -- Fortum, one of Europe's most innovative and environmentally-friendly utilities, and GreenWave Reality, a global innovator in the Smart Home Services market that includes Energy Management, Connected Lighting, and Home Monitoring Services, today announced that they have entered into a partnership that will provide Fortum customers in Sweden with a breakthrough, Energy Management solution.